ARC Review: Projection by Risa Green

what i thought

The book begins with the back story of two characters- Plotinus and Gemina. The story is first set in Rome 249 A.D. Gemina is married to Castricius who is the Senator of the city or town. She is trying to find out if her husband is cheating on her and stealing her money (which her father gave her) to this other woman. The other character, Plotinus is an older man who is a philosopher and very smart. He has heard about this ability to project each others souls into the other person’s body.

“Twice now, he has done it. He has projected his soul through the Oculus. He has passed through the highest part of the Pantheon, leaving his body behind while his soul floated among the stars!” (p. 2)

Gemina’s best friend, Amphiclea is to be the witness of this projection. In order for this to work, she has to wear a gold bracelet which she chooses to wear on her ankle. Gemina wants to switch bodies with Plotinus to figure out what her husband is up to.

We then switch back to two years ago in Delphi, California. We met two best friends- Gretchen and Jessica who are at their 8th grade graduation. They are the “popular” kids in school and Gretchen’s mom is a member in the Oculus Society. It is a secret society that hides the secret of Plotinus and Gemina’s ability to project. None of these group of women know that the ability still exists, but still protect the secret of it because it has been done for centuries.

Gretchen’s mom throws her a graduation party that night at their house and invites all the kids from school, excluding a girl named Ariel Miller. Ariel moved to Delphi not too long ago and Gretchen and Jessica thought it would be a nice thing to do to try and befriend Ariel. Little did they know that Ariel would turn out to be “weird” and “annoying”. Gretchen notices her mom wearing the gold bracelet on her ankle and wanted to know about it. Her mom told her:

“Things are going to start happening to you. Things you can’t even imagine.” (p. 18)

Later that night, Gretchen and Jessica hear screaming from inside the house and find out that Gretchen’s mom had been killed. Gretchen had found her mom face down on the bed with marks on her neck and the bracelet gone. There are no leads as to who the killer might be. Gretchen and Jessica have made it their mission to figure out who was behind the murder.

Things I liked:

I loved all the plot twists that happened throughout this book! I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this book! I could not put the book down while reading! I just wanted to figure out the killer and was very surprised when the girls figured out who it was that murdered Gretchen’s mom.

I enjoyed having the back story about Gemina and Plotinus and how this ability worked and what happened to the two of them in the end.

My favorite character would definitely have to be Ariel Miller; I can somewhat relate to her. I loved her character and the fact that she didn’t let things get to her and let it ruin her life. She went head-on with what struggles came towards her. I was very shocked at how well her character developed in the two years that had passed since the murder.

Things I didn’t like:

Michelle- I had an good and bad relationship with her; one minute I’d hate her then the next I’d feel sorry for her. I really didn’t like her attitude and what she thought about for 2/3rds of this book. Some things she did really annoyed me and how she would justify what she just did why it was okay.


“If the perfect life is within human reach, the man attaining it attains happiness…” (p. 140)


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