Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs You Encounter While Reading

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme is ‘book turn-offs you encounter while reading’.



tumblr_m0w0zkouhg1r8vmzf1. Instalove: I recently ran into this– Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. This is something that can either turn out to be a great thing or a terrible thing. For Shatter Me, it turned out to be a great thing. Usually I have a problem with people just looking at each other and just falling in love. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t happen. Yes, lust can be a factor, but not love. Love is something that takes time.


New-Moon-love-triangle2. Love triangles: OH MY GOSH. I swear, just about every Young Adult book involves a love triangle. A story doesn’t have to have a triangle to make it a great story. I get that it makes it more dramatic, but find something else to make it dramatic. I feel that after Twilight became popular, every book needed to be a love triangle. I’m one of those girls that falls for the obvious choice– ex: Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga. So, adding another love interest just frustrates me.

The_Hunger_Games_poster-00013. Trilogies: There are WAY to many trilogies in the Young Adult genre… Again, I feel like after The Hunger Games became popular, a lot of books have been turned into trilogies. I have nothing against them, it’s just annoying sometimes. Some trilogies can just be a stand-alone. Some just drag out the story to drive us readers insane so we wait another year to find out. Then, be disappointed to see that the story still isn’t finished.

4. Modern Phrases: Drives me nuts. I don’t like when I’m reading and I find a text from a character that says something like “i luv u. c u l8r”. I’m sorry, but is it really that hard to type a sentence with the correct spelling?! I understand that’s it’s easier to type, but in the real life in a real job you’d get fired to using those kind of phrases… Drives me crazy. Also, using lingo that teens use today…

5. Sex: Specifically in the Young Adult genre… It drives me crazy when sex comes into the picture. They completely avoid it like it’s a crime to have sex. But, having kids kill each other, no it’s okay. Yes, it makes the story interesting, but really!? You can talk about sex and not make it some kind of erotic book. It doesn’t have to be in complete detail, but in Young Adult books, they just graze over it or completely ignore it.

6. Abuse: Physically or mentally, doesn’t matter. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but something like rape, that’s a very touchy subject and can be very hard to write about and make a good story from it. I don’t want the entire book to be about the incident, maybe a chapter or something is fine.

7. History: There have been some instances where something in history is talked about, but not explained. This drives me crazy. I don’t want to have to put down the book and pull up the internet and research what the heck the author is talking about.

8. No plot-twists: I don’t like a story being predictable. I want something to happen that I wasn’t expecting. Otherwise, I will stop reading it and never give it a second shot because I’ll already know what’s going to happen.

zIodd9. “Perfect” characters: I’m sorry, but it just does not exist. They drive me crazy and no one is perfect, human or alien or whatever.

10. Whiners: I don’t need to explain… They drive me crazy.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs You Encounter While Reading

  1. Whiners! Especially irritating when it’s the main character. I agree with the abuse – it’s a reality, but a touchy subject and not everybody can write it with the proper amount of sensitivity.

  2. Wow, I think yours is the first list that I completely and entirely agree with. Actually, scratch that, I don’t mind trilogies. But other than that, I agree with everything! No plot twists is a great addition to your list. I have seen “too many plot twists” on a few blogs, but it is important to recognize that a book without plot twists would be insanely boring to read.
    Check out my TTT list:

    • Wow! That’s awesome! I’m glad we agree on the same things! Yeah, trilogies aren’t necessarily a turn off, but Young Adult books are mostly trilogies nowadays. Yes, books with no plot twists would get extremely predictable and annoying to read.

  3. Trilogies are way too common these days! It also seems like some writers were pressured into turning a single book into a three-way, just because trilogies are so hot and almost expected these days. Some stories can be told in just two books, or might need a lot more volumes to play around with.

    • That is definitely true!! It just makes us readers spend more money to be let down after each book because there’s a cliff hanger. A lot of books can just be a stand-alone and be perfectly amazing. I mean, I don’t have a problem with series honestly, but if I had to choose between series or stand-alones I’d choose series for many reasons. I’d choose series because you get more character development and I want to be able to connect with the characters.

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