Review: Just Like a Musical by Milena Veen

just like a musicalJust Like a Musical by Milena Veen
Series: N/A
Published by: ?? on December 15th 2013
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult
Pages: 144
Source: ARC from author

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My Rating: 5 stars2

I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from the author. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Seventeen-year-old Ruby Fields has always lived by the rules set up by her foolishly overprotective mother. As a result, she doesn’t go to school, she’s never been kissed, and almost everything she knows about life is what she has learned from old movies.

But now…now there’s this Joshua guy. He’s quirky, and he’s tall, and he uses “romantic” and “old-fashioned” in the same sentence.

And there’s Mrs. Wheeler, an eccentric retired Hollywood costume designer and Ruby’s new best friend.

When Mrs. Wheeler ends up in hospital, just after telling Ruby her long-kept secret, Ruby decides to break her mother’s rules and embark on a journey that will change her life forever.

Ruby has always been under watchful eye by her mother. You could say she’s overprotective. Ruby is home-schooled, she’s 17 years old, she’s never had her first kiss, never smoked, and never drank. She’s not your normal teenager, she’d rather stay home and watch silent “old” movies than go to parties.

One day Ruby meets a guy not much older than her; his name is Joshua. He’s a complete sweetheart and very “old-fashioned”, which for Ruby is PERFECT.

Ruby likes to spend her time with an older lady named Mrs. Wheeler who is a retired Hollywood costume designer and very quickly becomes Ruby’s only and new best friend. One day Mrs. Wheeler ends up in the hospital just after telling Ruby her biggest secret that she has never told another soul. She ends up breaking the rules and goes about a journey.

my thoughts 2

Okay, wow. This book was just.. SO STINKING CUTE! Okay, there were some sad and touching moments in this book, but I could not help smiling at how much I REALLY enjoyed this book! About half way, I was settling with a 4-4.5/5 stars rating, but wow. No, this book DESERVED a 5/5 star rating and is definitely a favorite of mine now.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but this does deal with syndromes that isn’t very well known today and that people just kind of brush off. I have a friend who’s brother has this syndrome, so I kind of had knowledge of it and how people react to this.

I just can’t… This book was just amazing! It definitely deserves more love because this book was seriously AMAZING! It’s fairly short and I just couldn’t put it down. Definitely a MUST READ book.

favorite quotes

“Discretion was never one of my mother’s virtues. She’s as discreet as a colonoscopist’s rubber glove. Pardon my French.”


“I looked into his eyes for a moment. They were midnight blue and they were smiling and I was ready to fall in love.”


“Sometimes my life turns into a musical. The outside world just fades away, and the song starts playing in my head, sad and beautiful at the same time, and I sing along, and I dance inwardly until my inner feet start burning with pain.”


“Freedom is not some place outside you, hidden at the end of winding road where magical things happen and where people all of a sudden become wise and fulfilled. You don’t have to travel three thousand miles to find it. It has nothing to do with walls or restrictions. Freedom lies inside you. Like some delicate fruit that waits for you to pick it. you have to pen yourself to the world and nurture it until it’s ripe. It can take a long time because it’s a rare and fragile fruit. But if you don’t open your eyes and your soul really, really wide like that child who sees snow for the first time in their life, it will never get ripe.”


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