Reading Challenges I’ll Be Participating in 2014!

Since I just started in late August, I was a little late to the 2013 challenges. Quite honestly, I was confused as to what all these challenges meant! Now I do and I’m super excited about the challenges I am joining! :)

Since this is just a list of challenges I’m participating in, my full lists of completed books will be listed under “challenges” where you can go through the challenges and see my progress!

I will be participating in 9 challenges this year! Wish me luck! :)

2014 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

Hosted by The Book Vixen

Okay, I was kind of late coming into reading in 2013. I came in late June or July (I honestly can’t remember.. I read 40+ books in 2013 and I know I can definitely beat that in 2014! So with that said, I’m going for the “I’m on fire!” level because I know I can read 16+ more books! In 2015 I may have to slow down the heart rate for sure though… :)


Hosted by the Coffee Bean Bookshelf

This challenge is absolutely PERFECT for me! I have fallen so far behind on books that have been published lately. I don’t know why I stopped reading! That was a dumb decision! My goal is to read 25 books.


Hosted by The Book Vixen

Again, another perfect challenge for me! If you have been following my posts for a while now you know how crazy I get for Amazon Kindle free books… I have AT LEAST 40+ books on my Kindle app that were free and that I haven’t touched and I know I won’t if I don’t have a reason to. So, this is the PERFECT challenge. I’m aiming for the “Penny Pincher” level which is 24 books! So we will see! :)

Series-Challenge-Button-take2Hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat

Another PERFECT challenge. I’m in so, so, so, SO many series right now it’s ridiculous! I’m aiming for the “Silver Badge” which is to complete 4-6 series which seems reasonable for me and a great goal!

10659230075_041c6126f7_zHosted by Bookmark To Blog

This is such an awesome challenge and one of the most unique of the challenges I’m participating in. This one may be the trickiest of the ones I’m participating in though. There’s no question that I’m aiming for all monthly challenges.

NAC.2014.250pxHosted by Literacy Escapism

Okay, no question. I’m definitely in! I love reading stories from new authors. I like seeing the worlds they develop as well as the characters! I’m aiming for 20+ new authors in 2014!

DCR BannerHosted by Blog of Erised

I LOVE me some dytopia! If not for paranormal, dytopia would be my favorite genre! The worlds that these authors create are so great and I just LOVE IT! Super stoked about this challenge! I’m aiming for level 2 “Rebel” which is 7-12 books. Because you know.. I’m a rebel. :)

SeriouslySeries2014-02Hosted by Reading the Paranormal

Too many dang series out there that I need to finish/start! I’m already participating in another series challenge, but why not double the challenges!? Umm, yes! I’m aiming for the “semi-serious” levels for all 3— series started before 2014, series started in 2014, series re-reads.

vampire_challengeHosted by ParaJunkee

If you guys know me at all I LOVEEEE me some vampires! That’s what originally started my reading obsession– Twilight Saga! There are so many other vampire series that I’ve been meaning to start– Bloodlines, Evernight, etc.! I’m super excited about this challenge! Of course I’m aiming for those 10 vampire books! :)


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