Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

top ten tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


This week’s theme is ‘Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read’.


This is in no particular order.

cinder the fault in our stars the moon and more the maze runner the knife of never letting go

1. Marissa Meyer: author of the Lunar Chronicles (Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress)

2. John Green: author of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns

3. Sarah Dessen: author of The Moon and More, Just Listen, and Along for the Ride

4. James Dashner: author of the Maze Runner trilogy

5. Patrick Ness: author of the Chaos Walking trilogy (The Knife of Never Letting Go)

pawn perfect ruin incarnate uglies the coldest girl in coldtown

6. Aimee Carter: author of Pawn and the Goddess Test trilogy

7. Lauren DeStefano: author of Perfect Ruin and the Chemical Garden trilogy

8. Jodi Meadows: author of the Newsoul trilogy (Incarnate, Asunder, and Infinite)

9. Scott Westerfeld: author of the Uglies series

10. Holly Black: author of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and the Curse Workers trilogy


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. Great list Brianna! I want to read all of the authors on this list that I haven’t already read! So far I’ve read Holly Black, Aimee Carter, Patrick Ness and John Green. :)

  2. It’s all what you like, right? I’ve read Coldest Girl, Cinder, and TFioS–liked, really liked, and fell in love and was heartbroken. Maze Runner, though–the world’s logic didn’t make sense to me at all, and I didn’t feel connected to the characters.

    So it goes.

    • I’m a little nervous about TFiOS, not that it won’t be good. It’s the massive tears and heartbreak I’d go through. I REALLY want to read it, I’m just not ready for tears and tears and more tears yet. :)

      • You should definitely have a book that you know makes you happy on standby for after you read TFioS.

        John Green is evil. He had me tearing up and dabbing frantically at my eyes so I could keep reading.

  3. I’ve only read Holly Black’s The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (which I enjoyed, though I had some problems with it) and her MG series The Spiderwick Chronicles and Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles that she wrote with Tony DiTerlizzi. So quick and fun!

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