Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things to Own

top ten tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


This week’s theme is ‘Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To Own’. 

This is in no particular order.



05ca5e6cb2f511e396a212dd559b4989_81. A library! I’m in the process of getting it started. I’m convinced of having one! My boyfriend and family don’t really appreciate my book buying and the amount of books I have… But I do so that’s all that counts. ;)

But I’ve seen some bloggers’ libraries… And holy cow.. I’m jealous!

2. Book ends! I don’t really have any decorations on my shelves and I need more things to add!

3. Wooden Letters… Seems like a silly thing to add, but I really want to add letters for my Twilight and JLA shrines. ;) Not sure what I’m going to put yet, but it’s in the process!

4. Bookmarks.. I love bookmarks! I love collecting them and using them for my books! :D

5. Book Swag… I have a very poor like minuscule collection of swag… :(

6. Book related shirts. I think some of that I have found so far are really cute and I’d love to wear them! :)

Things I own: (feel free to stop reading.. these are kind of random ;) )

7. Ummm… 3 pretty big bookshelves?? :)

8. Many candles to display on my shelf! :D

9. Maybe around 10 bookmarks? :)

10. A place to put my books!

(Sorry this is probably my worst top 10!)


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