Summer of “50” Read-a-Longs Schedule


summer of 50 challenge bannerAs you may have already seen, all this summer starting from May 16th up until the weekend before August 25th I’m hosting read-a-longs! No, there will not be 50 read-a-longs.. The point to the 50 is because this summer I plan to read 50 books to help decrease my HUGE TBR pile. Well, with those 50 books, the read-a-longs are included!

Click on any of the books to go to the Goodreads group! The Maze Runner is the only read-a-long that is separate from all the others. I planned and made a group before I decided to make one massive goodreads group.

May banner

cinder the kill order the maze runner don't look back delirium Alienated_cvr pushing the limits

  • Cinder: May 16th
  • The Kill Order: May 16th
  • The Maze Runner: May 20th (or 16th)
  • Don’t Look Back: May 23rd
  • Delirium: May 26th
  • Alienated: May 27th
  • Pushing the Limits: May 30th

june banner2

the fault in our stars under the never sky the edge of never the diviners attachments Across-the-Universe_Beth-Revis the program ruby red arclight of poseidon easy

  • The Fault in Our Stars: June 1st
  • Under the Never Sky: June 5th
  • The Edge of Never: June 7th
  • The Diviners: June 11th
  • Attachments: June 15th
  • Across the Universe: June 17th
  • The Program: June 20th
  • Ruby Red: June 23rd
  • Arclight: June 25th
  • Of Poseidon: June 26th
  • Easy: June 28th

july banner2

hollow city if i stay 5th wave crash hush hush the golden lily beautiful creatures Legend_Marie_Lu_Book_cover white cat falling kingdoms

  • Hollow City: July 6th
  • If I Stay: July 7th
  • The 5th Wave: July 8th
  • Crash: July 11th
  • Hush,Hush: July 14th
  • The Golden Lily: July 16th
  • Beautiful Creatures: July 18th
  • Legend: July 21st
  • White Cat: July 24th
  • Falling Kingdoms: July 26th

august banner2

starcrossed nightshade unraveling graceling perfect ruin the lying game immortal beloved the collector wither ink

  • Starcrossed: August 1st
  • Nightshade: August 4th
  • Unraveling: August 6th
  • Graceling: August 8th
  • Perfect Ruin: August 11th
  • The Lying Game: August 12th
  • Immortal Beloved: August 13th
  • The Collector: August 15th
  • Wither: August 17th
  • Ink: August 19th

5 thoughts on “Summer of “50” Read-a-Longs Schedule

  1. Totally E X C I T E D to join in on your summer read-a-longs. I have all, but one book. I definitely plan to at least take part in about 15 of them if not all of them. Such a great idea! These dates are going in my calendar.

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