Monthly TBR Jar Pick- You Decide!

Each month I put all my un-read TBR books into a bag. No, not the actual books, slips of paper into a bag and randomly select 4. You guys then decide from the 4 books, which one I should read that month. These books are books I own on my bookshelves (which is over a 100 un-read), that have been written down onto a slip of paper, folded up and put into a jar.

I usually post the choices on Instagram first, so you guys may have already seen these if you follow me on there. I also post onto BookTube as well. I will insert a poll for you guys to decide, so whichever is the most voted (from here, Instagram, and BookTube) will be the book I read this month!

So with that said, these are the 4 choices for June and that you guys choose from.

   masque of the red death tempest switched the forbidden game

  1. Masque of the Red Death is an Edgar Allen Poe retelling from one of his stories. This is a steam-punk novel.
  2. Tempest is a time-travel type of book in which the male or female character goes back in time but gets stuck in that time period. It’s about that character trying to get back.
  3. Switched is a dystopian trilogy. That’s all I know. ;)
  4. The Forbidden Game is a paranormal/fantasy about a game. What kind of game? I don’t know! I LOVE LJ Smith, so I have faith in this.


8 thoughts on “Monthly TBR Jar Pick- You Decide!

  1. I read Forbidden Game. Having read most of the vampire diaries, I was keen to read other books from her but I didn’t really like this book. It’s quite chunky & it needs to be with all the adventures that happen. Probably too much because I lost my enthusiasm for it halfway through.

    Anyway, I voted for Switched because the cover is beautiful and red is my fave colour!

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