Bookish Confessions (#8): Lacking Posts Lately

bookish confessions

Hey guys, so today I’m going to update you on what’s been going on lately and why my posts haven’t been all that exciting lately!

I’ve been trying all summer to get a steady babysitting job and it’s definitely been hard! Along with babysitting, I’ve also been petsitting A LOT and it takes up around 3 1/2 (for 2 families) a day. I also haven’t been on because I’ve been trying to do summer things like go swimming and tan (I haven’t even gotten a sunburn yet….). As well as spending time with my family, but mostly my boyfriend.

I’m VERY far behind in reviews!!! I still have 1 more to post for JUNE, yes, I still haven’t even finished June reviews. I have 3 books to post already for July and if I don’t hurry it’ll be 4 more.

I’ve also been hosting A LOT of read-a-longs and a lot of the time I fall behind in the reading.

I’ve also noticed I may need reading glasses… Which is odd for me because I’m 20 years old. Never had an eye appointment before. I have absolute perfect vision. But I’ve noticed lately that after I read I get this sort of headache behind my eyes. It’s not because I don’t have good lighting, because I always have good lighting. Drives me nuts if I can’t see what the heck is on the page!

So with that I’ve tried to slow down on reading because I don’t exactly know what is wrong. I just may only need reading glasses.. Who knows! I will keep you guys posted (hopefully).

So that’s pretty much what has been going on lately really. Just super busy!

So my plans for up to the weekend are DEFINITELY to have my reviews posted and up for you guys. Get some Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday posts ready as well as other posts. (I need to start back up with Stacking the Shelves!)


6 thoughts on “Bookish Confessions (#8): Lacking Posts Lately

  1. Your summer seems very exciting! About the glasses thing: The same thing happens to me if I read too long so I think it’s just staring at something for so long that may be the problem. I mean, you prob still want an eye appt as I’m no doctor but that’s what I think…..but awesome summer so far and I’m excited for the upcoming posts!

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a busy summer so far! Don’t feel bad about being behind in reviews-heck, I stopped writing traditional reviews all together a couple weeks ago, lol.

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