My Reading Stack (#3)

my reading stack


Today, I’m going to talk about what I’m reading this week and what I read last week. This week I’m hosting #thefeelsreadathon and basically you just finish series/trilogies you have yet to finish! So let’s get started!



the awakening the reckoning savage drift allegiant shades of earth

This is my TBR for my read-a-thon. I definitely think I can read all 5 of these by the end of the week. I’m not all that excited about Allegiant honestly…. After being spoiled, my thoughts overall are kind of ruined. I didn’t enjoy Insurgent all that much. Tris got on my nerves A LOT!!! So this will definitely be my last read for the week.

However, I am excited about the rest of these! I’m reading The Awakening right now and really loving it! I love Kelley Armstrong’s writing style and I’m excited to be back in this world! I really loved when I read The Summoning back in January so I’m excited to see what happens next! As well as how everything wraps up in The Reckoning!

I’m BEYOND excited for Savage Drift and Shades of Earth… I recently read the second books in both series and I’m dying to know how it all ends for both! I’m loving both trilogies!!!

I’m also planning to read:

love letters to the dead

I’m also planning to read this at some point this week with a friend. We’ve set out about 10-12 books for us to read together and this is the next one we are reading together! I’ve been hearing great things!!!

What I read this last week:

lola and the boy next door a million suns scarlet losing it half blood the gray horizon

Last week I participated in the rainbow read-a-thon on Instagram and the 5 books (not including The Gray Horizon) were my planned TBR. I read all 5 (and loved all of them!)

I read The Gray Horizon for review yesterday before my read-a-thon started (which started today). Reviews are already posted (if not about to be) for all 6 of these books!


6 thoughts on “My Reading Stack (#3)

    • I’m a pretty fast reader, I can typically read about 70 pages in an hour. I’ve just made time to read! My boyfriend is currently obsessing over Call of Duty so it’s the perfect time to read since he’s spends a couple hours playing. :P

  1. Great stack, can’t wait to hear what you thought of love letters to the dead, I’ve had my eye on that for a while! Happy reading! :)

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