Review: The Seduction Part 3 by Roxy Sloane

the seduction 3The Seduction Part 3 by Roxy Sloane
Series: The Seduction #3
Published by Roxy Sloane Books on June 30th 2014
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Pages: 88
Source: ARC copy from author
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The explosive new series continues….

I thought he would protect me.
I believed his beautiful lies.
I wanted to give him everything – and I was willing to pay the price.

Now everything has changed.

He may be the Seducer, but I’ll be the one who takes the ultimate prize:

His heart.

*part three of the sinful, seductive new series*

my thoughts 2

This is probably my favorite of them so far! So much more drama!!! It starts off right where book 2 left off! We really see Vaughn and Keely start to change. Vaughn becomes a lot more vulnerable as he starts spending more and more time with Keely. Keely is becoming a lot more stronger and more confident in herself. I’m absolutely loving how well she’s sticking up for herself and not letting people push her around! I love that after each book, she has gotten drastically stronger and stronger! I’m anxious to see how it’ll all end in part 4! That ending killed me!

I’d recommend reading this series all at one time. The cliff hangers are pretty big. But the books themselves are really short and could probably be read within an hour, hour and a half!!

favorite quotes

“You’re playing with fire.” Vaughn murmurs, but I can see the lust flaring in his eyes I smile. “Then we’ll both get burned.” — Roxy Sloane, The Seduction Part 3


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