Stacking the Shelves (#18): The Kindle Freebie Edition

shelf stacking

Meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where I post all the bookish things I’ve received/purchased either physical or e-book.

I’m trying to slow down on my book buying for now. I still have an entire bookshelf + another shelf full of unread books. (just for numbers, it’s around 120 unread!) So even though I read 60+ books from the week of like May 16th until August 25th, I still bought quite a bit of books so I didn’t exactly decrease my TBR pile. The joy of being a bookworm!However, I do get kindle books very often, but I don’t count those towards my unread books. I have over 800+ books on my kindle that I’ve gotten for free! (It’s an addiction now).

Amazon Kindle Free Books:

falling between love cursed seven weeks to forever phantoms in philadelphia x generation striking steel lily in the light of the moon keeper of the lost souls


8 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (#18): The Kindle Freebie Edition

  1. Haha, and I thought I had a lot of unread on my bookshelves (I have around 30/40 I’ve lost count) I haven’t bought any for a while and this week I kind of let loose and bought, well, a lot (which I’m using for my StS next week). But it’s so hard not to buy! :( Loving the Steel Lily cover! :)

  2. Oo these are all free? I’ll have to check em out! I’m on a book-buying ban as well, I have too many books that just sit on the shelves that I haven’t gotten to!

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

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