Bookish Confessions (#10): Being Self-Hosted Now

book confessionsI’m sure by now you guys have already noticed some big changes here on my blog! I’ve become self-hosted, but with that I also got a new design by a good book blog friend, Amanda @ Book Badger! I’m working on fixing all my posts so they all match. However, since I have over 250+ already on my blog, I can’t change EVERY little detail. She made me a signature which I’m currently working on adding to a few older posts, but it’s honestly getting annoying trying to add it to all the posts. Before, I didn’t have a signature. But, I will only start adding the signature from here on out. It’s just too much!

And also, I’m trying out a rating system. I’ve already got a tab up at the top explaining everything from the rating system to what my rating EXACTLY mean.

Basically with the rating system, I can further rate the book based on 5 different areas:

  • Characters
  • Plot
  • World Building
  • Pacing
  • Romance

I have already used this system on my newest review; Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire! So far I’m really liking the system and I really think it will make my reviews THAT much better. :) Well, at least I hope so!

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things, trying to adjust with being back in school, work, time with boyfriend and family as well as blogging/reading. So if you see I’m missing some posts like Top 10 or Waiting on Wednesday or something, it’s because I just didn’t have time that week to get a post up and ready. I’m trying to balance everything out, but school is taking up a HUGE portion of my week thanks to Anatomy and Physiology II.

Hopefully everything will be fixed and steady by the end of the month and thanks for being so patient with me these last couple months and especially the summer!



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