Bookish Confessions (#11): Read-a-Long Group on Goodreads

book confessionsDo you guys remember over the summer when I hosted over 20+ read-a-longs on Goodreads? Well, I’m re-opening the group but the name has changed. It was originally called “Summer of “50” read-a-longs” and is now called “Obsessed with YA & NA“. (I know, super creative! :P)

I started it back up because I loved hosting them! Also because I feel read-a-longs push me to read books earlier than I would have read them on my own time. So I’m re-opening the group!

I’m looking for moderators so I’m not the only one running it, so if you’d like to be one, contact me on Goodreads!


We are reading 1-2 new adult contemporary books either this month or starting in November. I already have a thread open to vote on books. Young adult fantasy is also up to vote for as well! We will read books within the young adult and new adult genres. Exceptions of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter (may host a read-a-long later to read the entire series — that way I can start it ;) –).


Let me know what you guys think! Hope you can join! :)




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