Bookish Confessions (#12): What’s Been Going On?

book confessionsHey guys! So I’m just kind of updating you guys on what’s been going on in my life and why I’ve been slacking on here lately…

Well, the most thing that is consuming my life right now is school… I’m taking 3 classes- nutrition (biology based), government, and the most time consuming, anatomy and physiology II… So yes.. That’s why. I’m over half way done with my semester which is good! All of my classes have 3 tests (I think nutrition has an optional 4th..) but I’ve finished the 2nd exams today! (A&P and government) So this is why I’ve been so non-existent lately.. Today is Friday the 24th, so I’m planning on getting a bunch of posts scheduled that way I have more stuff coming from my blog. However, since my classes are taking up soo much time right now, my reading time is very short so I’m sorry that I haven’t really had many reviews since August.. In December and January I’m planning on to read a BUNCH.

I’m STILL updating my blog.. Again, because of school I just don’t have enough time. I also babysit so my hours that I work are always different every week. Some weeks I work over 30 hours, some only like 10… That’s the only downside to being a babysitter, but I absolutely love my job! I’m definitely hoping to have it all updated around Thanksgiving and all that fun stuff! I’m tired of having like 10 different themes/designs going on. I absolutely love the designs that Amanda (Book Badger) made me!

Anywho, I just wanted to update you guys on why I’ve been so absent! I’m hoping to get a bunch posts ready today!



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