Bookish Confessions (#13): Book Buying & That ADDICTING Book Outlet…

book confessionsToday I’m discussing the FABULOUS, yet “pocket hurting” site called Book Outlet! I’m sure by now, everyone knows this amazing site! I’ve made 8 different orders from them. Another added to that count today!

It’s VERY difficult to resist the urge to order from them especially since now they are getting better at adding new releases. So how much did I exactly order? …. Umm, 13 books. That’s the most I’ve ever ordered from them. My previous order was 12 books for about $50, today being around $65. Guys, this site is WAYYY too addicting not to spend over $30! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY GIVE YOU THOSE DANG $5 OFF $35 COUPONS!!!!

2e8ad231457919cc7ba62e5a32fd5af3Image from Pinterest

My reasoning behind this (if you follow me on Twitter &/or Instagram, you’ve probably seen this already) is SCHOOL! I’ve been so incredibly stressed out the past couple of weeks. Also, on top of that, next week on Thursday I’m getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Guys, I’ve never had a surgery or been put under. I already don’t handle mouth stuff as it is! Just going to the dentist for a check-up is definitely not something I like doing. I get VERY nervous! Seriously, I’m freaking out just thinking about it! I’m so not ready to get them removed! I don’t really know what to expect mostly because I’ve never been on that heavy of drugs before and what I’ve already mentioned..

I’ve also been buying those stinking 1-click $.99 books on Amazon… I’ve bought AT LEAST 10+ books since the semester started just with e-books.. Thankfully I haven’t been buying as many books as I did before during semesters. So I can proudly claim that. However, I’m STILL buying quite a handful of books.

79ff850be00bedc263ef236c2ad96adcImage from Pinterest

Then there’s those free Kindle books… I download probably AT LEAST 2o free ones a month. Not kidding. It’s like a ritual to download them… Daily. It’s bad.


How many books do you guys get a month?



One thought on “Bookish Confessions (#13): Book Buying & That ADDICTING Book Outlet…

  1. Awww no, don’t be nervous! Everyone I know has gotten them taken out and said it wasn’t as bad as they expected, it will be over before you know it :)

    As for book buying, I know what you mean. It’s addictive. And oh my gosh, my reasoning behind buying things is exactly the same as yours xD I totally reward myself with books because of school and other things :P

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