Fictitious Friday (#1): The Lion & The Lamb…

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Fictitious Friday is a meme that was started by Mortal Moments in which you spotlight favorite books, characters, places, etc.

For my very first post on this meme, I’m discussing a fandom which I have a huge love for… This shouldn’t surprise many of my followers honestly. ;)

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Yes, your not seeing things! It’s the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer!! I have such a deep attachment to this series… This is what started my love for reading. Words cannot describe how much I love (and miss) this series. Everything about this series was so much fun and amazing! I remember going to all the premieres (all except Twilight obviously) and being decked out in Twilight gear. Having over 20 t-shirts, owning like 2 blankets, a pillow case (that I still use on my bed today), a shelf on my bookshelf dedicated to Twilight… I’m still one of those that is still obsessed with the series even after all the hype around vampires. Literally everything that is my favorite in books, meaning, my favorite series, favorite author, favorite couple, favorite book boyfriend, the whole 9 yards!

Seriously, I miss this series SOOO much! I’ve considered re-reading SO many times since I got back into reading! I think I re-read them like 3-4 times while the movies were releasing, but since breaking dawn either part 1 or 2, I haven’t re-read again. I really miss all these characters and all the feelings that came with this series! Yeah, it’s a little cheesy and sparkly vampires, but guys, you don’t understand how much I ADORE this series! :D BEST. SERIES. EVER!

I can thank Stephenie Meyer twice. Once for my love of reading after reading the Twilight Saga, then again after I stopped reading and picked up The Host last year in 2013! Stephenie Meyer brought back my love of reading TWICE! I’m REALLY hoping she writes another book, because both were amazing!!!

Ohh yeah… I still own ALL of my Twilight shirts… They are just chilling in my closet! I literally CANNOT get myself to get rid of them! I’ve considered making like a quilt out of the shirts. I seriously can’t bring myself to just throw them away! They hold way too many memories!!

Well, I guess that’s it for this. ;) See you next week for my next favorites post!



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