My Reading Stack (#6): December 7th-14th

reading stackIt’s been a long time since I last did one of these and I apologize! I’m now officially on break and that means all the time in the world (kind of) to read!

Since it’s been so long, I’m not going to talk about all of what I’ve read, just this past week. So this is where I’m at:


second position third position

These were for review that I didn’t have time to read in November… I will have my reviews up for both of these within the next 2 or so days!

Currently Reading:

the retribution of mara dyer fire in the woods

I haven’t been able to pick up Retribution in a little over a week or so now, I’m about 150-200 pages in! I’ve been slowly making my way through Fire in the Woods, & I’m about 60% done.


wicked throne of glass the elite

These are just 3 of the books I plan on starting shortly after finishing the 2 I’m currently reading. There’s other books that I plan to read as well, these are just the 3 that are higher on my immediate TBR. :)

Well, that’s about it… See ya’ll next week with my next update!


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