Bookish Confessions (#15): Buying Physical and Kindle Books This Year…

book confessionsSo I’ve been making spreadsheets for both my physical and kindle books I’ve gotten this year… The numbers for both are pretty scary to say the least… I haven’t yet calculated the amount of money I’ve spent, but I can tell you the number of books I bought/downloaded…

Since the beginning of this year, I have bought around 169 books (not including Kindle books) and downloaded around 900 Kindle books. I’m honestly kind of scared to see the amount of money that I have spent on all these books. I’ve bought around 20-30 of those Kindle books either for $.99 or around $2.99 or less.

Earlier in the year I kept track every week with how much I spent, but as the semester went on in the spring, I didn’t have enough time to keep up with it. But just when I was doing that, I can guarantee I spent at least $150-$200 on books… For the end of the year I will see how much I spent versus the actual cost of what the books would have cost me. I always buy them with some kind of discount, the majority of the time at least half off because of Amazon and Half Price Books. :)

I’ve tried to go on a book buying ban especially during the summer. I mean it went pretty well, I didn’t buy that many books. But when the fall semester started, that quickly went downhill.

But anyway, I guess that’s it! Let’s see how next year goes and how much I’ve spent this year! :)

See you guys next week with my next confession! ;)



4 thoughts on “Bookish Confessions (#15): Buying Physical and Kindle Books This Year…

  1. You never notice how much you spend when you buy ebooks because you forget you brought them as they don’t sit on your bookshelf :P I look forward to knowing how much you spend in the end :)

  2. 900 ebooks?! Holy cow – that’s a LOT of books! I think next year you’ll definitely have to go on a book-buying ban! ;) I’ve been on a book-buying ban for the last few months and I’ve only bought 1 book which I’m extremely chuffed with as I generally go overboard and buy like, 10 a month.

    • Those 900 are all free. ;) I have a addiction to downloading free Kindle books.. I’m serious. There’s days where I download around 15-20 e-books!

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