Bookish Confessions (#16): 2015 Reading Challenges

book confessions

Hey guys! So last year in 2014 I went a little crazy with signing up for reading challenges, I think I signed up for 9 or so different ones… That was a lot to do! And sadly, many didn’t even get touched or finished. This year I’m limiting myself and really trying to focus on completing these.

#1: 2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge (participated last year)

2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

In 2014, I read a little over 120 books, my overall reading goal for 2015 is 130 books. For this challenge I have to exceed the 130 book limit. With that said, I’m going with the “getting my heart rate up” 1-5 more books challenge. It’s already 10 books over what I read in 2014 and I read a lot (in my opinion) in 2014.

#2: 2015 NetGalley Reading Challenge (because I’m terrible with my books from NetGalley)


Seeing as though I don’t read many from NetGalley, I’m going to go easy on myself and sign-up for the 5-10 books.

#3: 2015 TBR Pile Reading Challenge


I’m going for the “Sweet Summer Fling” challenge which is 31-40 books that were published in 2014 or before. I will most likely go way over, but who knows!
I’m going to stick to these 3 and not stress myself out with challenges this year in 2015 because with my classes this year, it will be difficult come end of 2015 to reach that 130 books! But, I’m going to try nevertheless! :)

6 thoughts on “Bookish Confessions (#16): 2015 Reading Challenges

  1. Wow! 120 books is phenomenal – congrats! I’m aiming for 50 as I have a lot of exams coming up and I’m not particularly a fast reader, but I hope to exceed it! :D Good luck with all your goals! <3

  2. Aaah the Netgalley challenge is such a great idea! I haven’t read any of my Netgalley books yet. Oops. I’ll have to keep this in mind for next year! :)

    • I’m so bad with NetGalley books! I have like 4 that I requested forever ago and one of those being Hexed by Michelle Krys!

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