My Reading Stack (#7): Romance Filled

reading stackHey guys! Sorry I haven’t done one in a couple weeks! I didn’t realize how busy the holidays were going to be for me! However, I did read 124 books total for 2014 and I couldn’t be happier! So let’s go ahead and talk about what I’ve been reading this week and what I have planned!

What I’ve already finished this week:

sweet addiction breathe

I really loved both books! 5/5 stars for both and reviews will come within the next week or so! I’m really looking forward to more of these authors’ books!

What I’m currently reading:

sweet possession

Again, really loving this book! I’m about half way done! :D

What I plan on reading next:

my soul immortal take me tomorrow

These are both review requests that I need to read before I start my new semester! Both of these sound amazing and can’t wait to dive into both! :)

See you guys next week or with my next post!



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