Fictitious Friday (#3): New Adult Romance

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Fictitious Friday is a meme that was started by Mortal Moments in which you spotlight favorite books, characters, places, etc.

Hey guys! So today I’m talking about a broad genre and that’s obviously new adult romance/contemporary. Words CANNOT describe my love for this genre over the past year or so. I was first really introduced to the genre when I picked up Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire (AKA my all time favorite book and for the genre). I remember anything and everything while reading this book. It had such a huge impact on my reading life. It’s bad that I remember exactly what I was doing (I was at the Duck Commander 500) (if your not sure what that is, it’s a NASCAR race). I brought the book with me because it actually turned out to be a 2 day ordeal (first day got cancelled after spending countless hours there and went back the next day, but beside the point). I remember reading the majority of the book while in the car. I adored this book to pieces!


This was the picture I posted on Instagram the first day of the Duck Commander 500.

After reading Beautiful Disaster, I didn’t really pick up many more new adult books. In September I picked up the companion, Walking Disaster. That’s when the obsession with new adult really kicked in for me. Luckily, the obsession died down a little towards the end of the year, but I still feel like I want to read new adult and only new adult. I’ve picked up quite a handful again since then. Here’s some of my other favorites I’ve read so far:

the edge of never easy slammed be with me stay with mea risk worth taking

I haven’t read many new adult books and I’m super far behind in the genre and it bugs me. I’ve read so much young adult over the past year and a half. In 2015 I want to try and read more new adult, I have about 2 shelves filled with them and a kindle packed with them.

What’s your guys’ favorite genre?


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