Stacking the Shelves (#26): Christmas Money Edition

shelf stacking

Meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where I post all the bookish things I’ve received/purchased either physical or e-book.

Over the holidays I made a lot of extra cash and received some gift cards… Because of that, this has lead to the majority of this book haul. ;)

Physical Copies:

10864928_298869806989100_716445847_n 10890690_788486207867980_1875602329_n 10860100_1521491318126551_412955757_n 10903320_628897790570843_828911585_n 10919218_1525560181038475_1084328497_n

Purchased Kindle Books: (all $.99)

it aint me babe monster in his eyes the pact eyes turned skyward dirty angels

Free Kindle Books:

the forgotten ones grasping at eternity something wild his risk to take being amber until midnight dec the halls beautiful freaks love and college boxset welcome to sugartown getting dirty not today but someday frenched broken unbreakable going under forest of the forbidden uncertainty vip pieces of you and me  closer soulno regrets misconception lost to you arouse the darkest part unraveling you the problem with crazy


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