Bookish Confessions (#16): 2015 Book Buying Ban is Happening…

book confessionsHey guys! So by the title you already know what is about to happen to me. Yes, I have to start a book buying ban. I’ve tried in the past (once over the summer which was somewhat successful, but first try was VERY unsuccessful). But with me moving out early February, I have no choice but to start one. I need to start it now before I move out, though it’s only like 2-3 weeks away. I just made ANOTHER order to Book Outlet and ordered 7 books (most were books I’ve been trying to buy for a couple months now). Starting now (January 13th– I’m writing this post early) I am starting my ban.

How I’m constructing this said ban:

  • If I read 7 books, then I can buy 1 book.
  • if I buy book(s) before the 7 book limit, then discipline will take place…
  • discipline: depending on what was purchased, the amount of books that were left to read, doubles and I lose the chance to purchase until those number of books are read.
  • free Kindle books are unlimited, I can go crazy if wanted
  • if those 7 books are read, but I can’t find a physical book I want to purchase, I can spend up to $5 on Kindle books
  • The limit on the book purchased is no more than $15, if more then I have to add 1 book to the 7 books per $1 spent over $15.

What do you guys think of my book buying? Do you think I can do it? HAHA I hope so!!! Wish me luck!

See you guys next week with my next confession or my next post!



4 thoughts on “Bookish Confessions (#16): 2015 Book Buying Ban is Happening…

  1. Good luck!
    I really like your idea of 1 book for every 7 that you read. That seems a lot more doable then a lot of other book bans that I’ve seen.

    • Hopefully I can stick to it! It’s definitely going to be difficult when I only read maybe 3 a month! This summer I’m probably gonna have to bump up the number to like 10 or so because I read around 60 books in the summer!

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