Fictitious Friday (#4): Zombies and Cole Holland

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Fictitious Friday is a meme that was started by Mortal Moments in which you spotlight favorite books, characters, places, etc.

This week I’m spotlighting my newest favorite, Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter! I read this a few days ago and I’m completely obsessed! I was immediately drawn into the story as soon as I started reading.

10903751_1651959158364959_781656_n 10914303_1542123232711533_1604782860_n 10593286_339236226266277_477016850_n

First, let me talk about these covers… OH MY GOSH THESE COVERS! These are probably hands down my favorite covers all around! The dust jackets are simple, yet stunning. Underneath the dust jacket is gorgeous. The spines are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Words seriously can’t describe how much I adore these covers! I’m really hoping the sequels live up to my expectations.

Cole Holland is definitely up high on my list of book boyfriends. Once he made his appearance in the book, I knew I was going to fall for him hard. He’s incredibly swoon-worthy and would definitely be #1 material if the first like 3 spots weren’t already permanently taken!

I loved how zombies played a role in the story! The concept and story to these zombies isn’t normally how everyone sees them and I loved it! I’m super excited to see how the sequel plays out because I’m really missing Cole even though it’s only been a few days!

See you guys next week with my next favorites or with my next post!


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