Stacking the Shelves (#29): The Slacking Edition

shelf stacking


Meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where I post all the bookish things I’ve received/purchased either physical or e-book.

The last time I did a ‘stacking the shelves’ post was the week after I attended RT Book Lovers Convention. Honestly I have been slacking on my blog. I fell extremely behind in reviews, I’m still way too far behind. I review everything I read. I think I’m going to change my reviewing ways, because it’s too much. I’ve also been having issues with my laptop and now double car issues. Good luck hasn’t been on my boyfriend and I’s side for a couple weeks now. But anywho, that can be discussed in something else. Let me show you what I’ve picked up since RT!!

imageimageimageimage image


In the first one, Fractured was the new one. I already own Slated, I just wanted to include it in the picture. ;) Red Rising was the last book from my birthday book haul from Amazon. Literally came the VERY last day it could deliver… My dogs got ahold of the original paperback copies of the Delirium trilogy, so I’m having to replace them all. So far I have found a hardcover edition of Requiem and it was only $3 at Half Price Books. :) Dear John is a replacement copy for my old mass market (the size drives me crazy). Lastly Time Travelers Wife and Carrier of the Mark are both from my sister, Kamryn (@wanderlustreader on Instagram). She didn’t want them anymore and I know I’ll probably read them at some point.

Since living on my own, trying to control my book buying hasn’t been easy. It’s hard not wanting to spend money when you have bills, 3 small animals and all kind of grown up responsibilities. ;P but I think I’m doing pretty well honestly. :) well, that’s all I have for my haul. I’ll see you guys either in my next post or my next stacking the shelves!! :*




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