My Reading Stack (#8)

reading stack

Hey guys! Been a VERY long time since I last did this… I’m really slacking here on my blog! I’m sorry guys! But it’s very difficult running a blog from an iPad (which I’m not used to using) so please bare with me until my laptop can be fixed! (This post was written on Friday, so some things could have changed..)

Here’s what I’ve finished already:

destined for dreams

I enjoyed this… I think I’m just into such a new adult kick, that reading anything else just isn’t as good. But the concept of this story was so intriguing and I’m so glad the author contacted me! Such a fun read! :)

What I am currently reading:

one week girlfriend

What’s up next for me:

hey sunshine frenched

I’m reading both of these with one of my book friends and I’m so excited!

What has been put on the “back burner”:

since you've been gone the secret of ella and micha

I had to put down Since You’ve Been Gone because I just wasn’t feeling it… I made it through 100 pages and couldn’t do more… Which stinks because I really want to like it! The Secret of Ella and Micha got put down because I’m reading it with a friend and she lost her copy of hers so I had to stop. ;) I made it 100 pages and hopefully she finds her book soon because I’m dying to continue!


See you (hopefully) next week with my next stack of books! :)


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