Review: Pretty Dancer by Cora Graham

Pretty dancerPretty Dancer by Cora Graham
Published by Self Published on February 17th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 327
Source: Finished copy from author

Meet Lilly – talented dancer, quick mouthed, take no shit tough girl who’s also good at hiding the fact that she’s scared. She doesn’t believe in true love or happily ever afters. Unless you count the unbreakable love she has for her overprotective, bullheaded twin brother, who also happens to be her knight in shining armor – which she doesn’t.

Kind of hard to love when you can’t trust, and trust was something that got shattered along with the rest of her years ago. A lot was taken from her at a young age. She’s never gotten over it as much as she’s just refused to deal with it.

The only thing in her entire world that still brings her peace is dancing. Her one and only dream is to dance her way to freedom. That freedom just so happens to be at The Elite Academy of Dance. She’s more than willing to tuck all those dark and nasty things she doesn’t want to think about away, like the darkness that haunts her dreams, and go on pretending, never hoping for anything more – until him.

A story about a girl who pours everything she has into her dancing. Her dream? To get accepted into The Elite Academy of Dance, and spend the rest of her life dancing on stage. To her, that’s easier than dealing with the demons from her past and the scars they left on the person she has become today. A smart mouthed, take no shit, tough girl who’s also scared, lonely, and closed off to accepting anyone new into her heart.

But in the process of wearing a hole in her ballet slippers, and the help of an ever faithful best friend, her bull headed and overprotective twin brother, and a certain boy who knows how to push her buttons, leaves her wanting for things she never thought she’d want, and just does it for her, she starts to think that maybe, just maybe, there is something more worth fighting her demons for.

This is a story of a girl who fights to make her dream come true. And maybe, just maybe, along the way finds a way to trust again, to love again.

Love, Humor, Passion, Artistry, a story of acceptance.

what i thought


I received a finished copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not reflect my review.

I really enjoyed this! Lately all I’ve been craving to read is contemporary and romance, specifically new adult. The content and the plot of this book didn’t disappoint and I’m so thankful I was asked to review this! I’ve only ever read 1 other dance related book in which I enjoyed that as well. As someone who can’t go one day without hurting herself in some sort of fashion, I like living vicariously through people like our main character, Lilly. Her character was perfect (well as to be expected) I loved her attitude and how she showed herself. She lives with her twin brother, Luke by themselves. Their mom passed away and their dad is no one to speak of. So now on their own even before they’ve graduated, they rely on each other to survive.

I love twin bonds. The concept behind that they can understand when something is wrong is just interesting to me. I loved their relationship. Typically siblings fight and bicker.. Constantly. I know from experience, I have 2 siblings. Yes, they bicker, but their bond is honestly special.

Carter is something to swoon over. I loved him to pieces! I love that Lilly and Carter’s first interaction was something unexpected. I literally started laughing that it happened. I loved Lilly’s best friend, Andrea is someone who I’d love to have as a friend. She would do anything for Lilly no matter what it was. I love how supporting they were to each other.

I really loved this book! I recommend to fans of young adult contemporary and those looking for a dance related book. This won’t disappoint! ;)




“But as much as I like him,I could never see myself changing so completely for a guy.”– Cora Graham, Pretty Dancer


“Well, monkey poo.” “Sorry, monkey what?” — Cora Graham, Pretty Dancer


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