My Reading Stack (#10)

reading stacklove in rewind prisoner of azkaban

These are the only 2 books I completed this week. :( This is pitiful compared to last week when I read and finished 5 books. But I do have an excuse.. I worked about 45 hours this week on top of my grandparents visiting. So honestly, I didn’t have a whole lot of reading time. :(

  1. Love in Rewind by Tali Alexander: I really enjoyed this! But the entire time, after reading the first chapter, I was nervous. After learning about the characters and the lives they had before meeting, I was nervous that what she was thinking was true the whole time. So while reading I was I guess a little skeptical of him because I couldn’t tell if it was going to happen… To me though it felt like insta – love and those relationships throw me off especially when put into this scenario. I did love their story despite those little issues. They have a relationship that I think every girl wants to have. I mean, who wouldnt?! I’m really looking forward to the second book in this series as well as reading more by this author. I may have been born in the 90’s, but I do love 80’s music, so hearing songs thrown into this, just made it even more enjoyable. :)
  1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling: Holy cow I read that in one day. (pat on the back for me!!) I love how now I’m starting to understand all the references to HP now with the marauders map and everything. :) I’m excited to see what happens next! hope to start book 4 soon!!!

I did start:

meant for her fifty shades darker

The first book is a book I got from NetGalley like a year ago and I need to hurry up and review it. :( Sadly I’m about 10% in, and I don’t know how I feel yet… I’m doing a re-read of Fifty Shades Darker with my friend and we are I think about half way.

What I plan to read this coming week:

Obviously the 2 books above… Then also..

goblet of fire a shattered moment fifty shades freed

The first 2 are definitely for sure high on my TBR pile. I’m still not sure if I will re-read Fifty Shades Freed with my friend or start another book with her. We need to finish book 2 and see what happens after. :)

See you guys either with my next post or next Sunday!


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