My Reading Stack (#15)

reading stackHey guys! How’s y’alls weekend going? Mine’s been busy with my math class and work, but it’s good! Can’t believe it’s already over! :( Time is seriously flying by even faster!!! So let’s get this started! :D

What I Finished This Week:

a shattered heart alexa loved broken

  • A Shattered Heart by Tiffany King: MY FULL REVIEW IS ALREADY UP- This is condensed, immediately after finishing thoughts…. wow… This book was so much more than I expected it to be! I have been looking forward to Kat’s story since I found out this would be hers. I’m still trying to process my thoughts so I’ll have more on a full review tomorrow on my blog. I recommend this series to the obvious: fans of NA, but also people who are wanting to start out in new adult and not get into all the sex scenes and everything. also someone wanting to start new adult as well as get themselves into darker reads. This series is DEFINITELY not a light read. It’s gut-wrenching, heart-breaking and every other word that can describe heart ache. But, it’s also amazing and Tiffany King is a fantastic writer!!
    • FINAL STAR RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Alexa Loved by T.R. Cupak: FULL REVIEW WILL BE SHORTLY- Not much after reading because this was a VERY emotional read, but I will say you’ll need 20 boxes of tissues… Though I’m still heart-broken from what happened and I wish it didn’t happen, I loved the end result. My heart has been torn between both Devin and Ethan and the decision wasn’t going to be easy, that was certain… But overall, despite my heart, I still very much enjoyed the ending. I adore T.’s writing and I love both of these books immensely! Definitely pick up, but be warned, you’ll need tissues! ;)
    • FINAL STAR RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Broken by Annie Jocoby: Full review will be up on my blog later this week. I really enjoyed this story overall, but my biggest problem was Nick. His character and development threw me off and though I liked him, some of his choices put me off. I loved Scotty’s character. I loved her roommate and best friend, Jack. More thoughts on full review. (I just finished this today, so I’m still trying to process my feelings)

What I’m Currently Reading:

Well, to be EXACT, I’m not reading anything at the moment… But these are the ones currently on the “back-burner” at the moment because of review books.

an ember in the ashes after we collided meant for her

I will continue these books when I can knock out a couple more review books. An Ember in the Ashes will probably be the first finished just because I was supposed to read this in September for a book club I’m apart of, but didn’t get to until now.

What’s On My Plate For Next Week:

the hazards of a one night stand caught in the glow full measures

These are my next 3 review books. I will be reading in this order- I’ve already made a list with the order I need to read them in. Most books to review that had/have dates are either later this month or already passed. I do have a test next Sunday, so I’m not sure I’ll finish all 3 of these, but hopefully at least 2 of them for sure! :)

I’ll see you guys next Sunday with what I read!

……. Or my next post. ;)



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