My Reading Stack (#17)

reading stackHey guys! So I’ve had a pretty good reading week since my math class that was on the weekends ended. :) I finished 3 books and started another which I’m hoping to finish today. So let’s get started.

What I Finished:

full measures finding a way love always

  • Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros: All time favorite for the year! I tried to contain my crying at the end and I tried VERY hard. This book was perfection! Josh Walker is literally perfection in itself. He literally has a big chunk of my heart. He IS the perfect man! Words CANNOT describe my love for him! This story was absolute perfection! I’m at a loss for words at the moment- I LITERALLY just finished the book. More thoughts will be on my full review soon. Easily a top favorite book of the year! I’m excited, yet very nervous to continue with this series! Josh has become one of my TOP book boyfriends! Love this book to pieces!!!
    • FINAL STAR RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Finding A Way by T.E. Black: love, love, LOVED this book! I usually never read synopsis’ anymore. If I do, I usually forget it by the time I start the book. This book was not what I expected it to be. I had a feeling something happened to one of the characters, but not like this. But all good things – I adored this book and I could not put it down. Had I not had to work yesterday along with homework and classes, I would have finished it yesterday! Callie and Mac were the cutest, yet most frustrating couple. I wanted to strangle the two of them for a long time! Their chemistry even at the beginning is (at least I think) the kind of love everyone wants. Mac was seriously just drop dead sexy. Dear lord, I highlighted this book like CRAZY! I’ll have more thoughts on my full review along with teasers!
    • FINAL STAR RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Love Always by Yessi Smith: Really enjoyed this! Very emotional and a crazy roller coaster for sure, but loved how it paned out. I wish for more in the end, I was confused at first because I wasn’t sure what was going on. I would have liked to see an epilogue from Dee or Adam’s point of view. But woah, this book was awesome! I loved Dee’s friends she made- I died laughing in several spots; toilet seat killed me! Why this isn’t 5 stars is because I felt the pacing was a little fast for me, but overall I’m VERY happy with the events that turned out. I’m excited to read more of Yessi’s books! more to come in a full review soon!

All 3 of these books will have full reviews up later this week if you want to see more of my thoughts. Teasers will be also posted after my reviews if you want to see some of those as well! Usually I try and post all teasers I make onto an Instagram account that I co-host with a friend- @just2bibliomaniacs.

What I’m Currently Reading:

vintage vol 1

This is the book I’m currently reading and hope to finish today as well. But, we will see! I do have a lot to do today and it’s already 1pm. :)

What’s Up Next To Read:

DorothyMustDie_CoverOnly1.indd a special connection forever changed

These are my next 3 I need to read. Dorothy Must Die is for a book club I’m apart of and it’s one of the 2 reads of the month. Sadly, because of time and my review pile, I didn’t get to read the first book which was a Stephen King book. :( I hope to finish all 3 of these and read more than just these, but we will see!



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