Review: Finding a Way by T.E. Black

finding a wayFinding A Way by T.E. Black
Series: Unexpected Love #1
Published by Self Published on October 1st, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 260
Source: Giveaway ARC copy
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I am finally free.
This is my chance for a fresh start.
My chance to live the way I want to.
Boston is my destination.

Just when I think things are going to get better from here, I meet him.

Malcolm Davis.

He is the image of masculinity, with rough edges I would love to soften. Although I wonder what it would be like to be with a man like him, I know it would never work. But, I do know two things, ever since I met him, I’m happy and he makes me feel safe. Both of those things lured me into taking a chance. I mean what’s life without taking any chances? It’s not much of a life without the risk of getting your heart broken.

I imagine that for Malcolm Davis, falling in love with someone would be akin to a hurricane; anything that stands in the path of what he wants; gets demolished.

Well, I guess my theory will be put to the test.

what i thoughtLove, love, LOVED this book! I usually never read synopsis’ anymore. If I do, I usually forget it by the time I start the book. This book was not what I expected it to be. I had a feeling something happened to one of the characters, but not like this. But all good things – I adored this book and I could not put it down. 

Callie has fallen into a depression after a fatal car accident that took the life of her fiance. Grieve stricken, but determined to continue on with her life, her parents force her to follow through with her therapy. After receiving the “O.K.” from her therapist, she packs her things and moves to Chicago to pursue her dream of going to university there. She is staying with Sierra and her boyfriend. She is then introduced to the drop dead, panty dropping, Mac. In Chicago, he is very well known; all the ladies know of him and know how he is in bed. Not only does Callie have a rough past, Mac also has one. In and out of the foster system, he was finally adopted to a loving family at 16 years old. But that’s not all, he’s lost someone very close to him in a tragic way as well. Lives for these two haven’t been easy to say the least…

Callie and Mac were the cutest, yet most frustrating couple. I wanted to strangle the two of them for a long time! Their chemistry even at the beginning is (at least I think) the kind of love everyone wants. Mac was seriously just drop dead sexy. Dear lord, I highlighted this book like CRAZY!

This being T.E.’s debut, I’m blown away with her writing. You’d think she’s been a writer a long time and has a bunch of books published… Nope. This is her first and I know in time, her books are only going to get even better. She has become a favorite author of mine even with just reading one book.

Can’t praise this book enough- I WILL own a paperback very soon to add to my shelves! Highly recommended! But take into consideration the emotional toll this will take on you- it’s not a light read. But, oh was the heart break totally worth it!


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