My Reading Stack (#18)

reading stackI had a pretty good reading week! I finished 4 books and got halfway through a 5th book!

What I Finished:

vintage vol 1 forever changed a special connection maybe in another life

  • Vintage Volume 1 by Lisa Suzanne: Really enjoyed this book. Wanted to strangle the main character for being so frustrating, but I do understand why. But still… I’ll have more thoughts in my full review later this week. But that ending… Ugh. Curious to see how that will play out! Loved Parker and his animalistic ways. ;)
  • Forever Changed by Tiffany King: So much craziness in less than 300 pages in dual perspective! I recently, as in this year, started reading Tiffany’s books and have become obsessed to say the least. She is very good at writing an emotional read without taking it too far or making it unrealistic. Even though this is one of her firsts, it was still amazing! I’ll have more thoughts later when I write my full review. :)
  • A Special Connection by Theresa Troutman: Very quick and cute read. Read this in like an hour or so! Because this was such a quick read, not much development I felt happened. But, nonetheless I very much enjoyed this story! I’ll have more thoughts soon on my full review!
  • Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid: I don’t know whether to be really frustrated or really happy. To say the least, I loved this book to pieces! This was my first audiobook and I was very pleased. Though, not too crazy for how the narrator did the male voices, but I think it was the actual story that kept me. I wish I was reading it in physical form or ebook because there were soo many spots I wanted to highlight and mark. I’m still debating if this makes my top reads of 2015 list, I guess we will see as my feelings for this book digest. But this is definitely a solid, 5 star read. Those that haven’t read it yet need to! Such an amazing book, yet so frustrating at the same time.
    • FINAL STAR RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆

The first 3 books listed will have full length reviews that will come later this week! I really enjoyed all the books I read this week! :)

What I Have Started:


I really wanted to finish this yesterday, but I didn’t have as much reading time as I wanted. But, I did get a little over halfway. I previously (just a couple months ago) read the Clipped Wings duology and absolutely ADORED them! This is soo much different than that duology by far. But I’m absolutely loving this book to pieces!

What’s On the Agenda Next Week:

archers voice fractured suns the gathering of shadows

I think for my next audiobook, I’m going to listen to Archer’s Voice. I haven’t read anything by Mia Sheridan yet, and she is one of the authors attending Austin Book Fest next year (which I am going to). [I got Audible last week and Maybe in Another Life was my free credit of the month] Fractured Suns and The Gathering of Shadows are the next 2 review books I need to finish. Hopefully I can finish all these and have time for more. I have 2 more review books and I’ll be completely caught up! :D

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