2016 Bookshelf Tour

photo(3)Hey guys! So I’m showing off my bookshelves today! I haven’t done this on my blog either ever or it’s been a long time. There are books all over my room. I will zoom in and show my main bookshelf with each individual shelf. I apologize in advance if any of these pictures seem somewhat blurry.

The main 3 bookcases:


20160101_144645 20160101_14465420160101_144730

These 3 shelves hold the majority of the books I own. Since there are soo many, I will break down each shelf. I will start with the left most bookshelf from top to bottom. Move to the middle bookshelf then right bookshelf.


Left Bookshelf:

20160101_14480620160101_14482320160101_14484020160101_14485120160101_144900My left shelf is all my new adult and adult books. There’s really no order to how I organized any of these. I just made sure that all of one author is on the same shelf. It’s just basically what books would fit on what shelf. :)

The Middle Bookshelf:

20160101_14502920160101_14500720160101_14494620160101_14492920160101_144914The middle shelf starts holding my Jennifer L. Armentrout shelf, YA contemporaries and sci-fi books. Again, there’s really no SPECIFIC order, just as I break into my YA books, I try and keep them grouped by genre. As I start running out of shelf space, books are put in places where I can fit them.

The Right Bookshelf:

20160101_14505520160101_14512420160101_14514620160101_14520020160101_145215The right bookshelf is honestly a hot mess. As you can see especially with the bottom 2, is books are absolutely crammed. I am running out of space and I tried to utilize as much space as I could. I still tried to group by genre, the right being primarily dystopian, paranormal and some fantasy.

I’ve kind of ventured from YA this year which is why those shelves are a little more crowded. I’ve been mostly reading NA romance, so those are the shelves I’m going to reach for most. I’m sure most of you guys that look on my blog are familiar with my Instagram account. I take bookish related pictures, and again lately because of what I’ve been reading, I’ve been photographing my NA books. They are easier to access, whereas my YA I don’t tend to reach for as much, so those shelves can be crammed.

The Smaller Bookshelf:

20160101_144614First let me apologize for the lighting- the top shelf was hard to get a good picture of the books because of the covers. They reflect light badly. This is only a 3 shelf one and it sits just below my TV. If you want to imagine where it is, it is near the right bookshelf on my main one. These shelves hold my tall hardcovers, my older vampire series and paranormal paperbacks. This bookshelf is very weird in how the shelves were sized. It made sense that the top one hold my taller hardcovers and so forth. The bottom ONLY fits these books, They all touch the top, meaning no books can be stacked on top.

The Floating Bookshelf:


This shelf sits above my bed. If your curious, this is a 6 foot shelf from Ikea. This shelf holds my all time favorite series. (I have yet to complete Bloodlines, but it ties with Vampire Academy so it made sense just to add them on this shelf.)

“Shelf” Above Main Bookshelf:


These again are some of my all time favorites. Because I’m literally running out of shelf space, I utilized the room above the main bookshelves. If you want to visualize where these are, they span from the left shelf to the middle. Some of these series I haven’t fully finished, but the ones I have read are considered all time favorites, so it made sense just to add the whole series and not just ones I’ve read.

Well that’s all my books! (in physical format!) I would love to show you my Kindle and what I own… But I LITERALLY might pull my hair out and go bonkers. I own way too many and just the thought of trying to compose something to show you… Just no. ;) I will say it is mostly NA/adult books though.

What do you guys think? Like these kinds of posts? Want me to do another? When — mid year? End of year?

(I do take great pride in my shelves. I don’t want to flaunt or brag about what I own. I know I own a lot of books and I’m not bragging… I chose to spend my money on books because it makes me happy. Please don’t take this post to think I’m flaunting or bragging. I’m very grateful for all the books I have.)



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