My Reading Stack (#26)

reading stackWHAT I FINISHED:

saved still surviving

  • Saved by Kelly Elliott: I thankfully survived my mini anxiety and heart attacks while reading! I’m very shocked to be honest. the amount of stress and frustration I felt for this book was unreal. But that totally makes it sound like I hated this book, but really is actually the opposite. Yes, this book drove me absolute bonkers, but I FREAKING LOVED IT! I loved that we got 6 characters perspectives in one! Last book I’m pretty sure was only 4. I thought it was going to be the same for this one, nope! Added 2 more! … Well actually brought back 2 I should say. ;) Gunner is still my favorite and to be honest, it might stay that way. He has dug into my heart sooo deep, I can’t let him go or let anyone else in. He’s trapped with my other babes. ;) Ari and Jeff as you’ve probably already met if you’ve read the first have a rocky relationship from the beginning and OHH LORD is it even rockier (not even sure that’s a word but it is now) in this one! I’m at a loss for words. But I do need a mini break before I continue to the 3rd. I’m picking up a different book next. Once I finish that one, I’ll move onto the book that will honestly probably drive me into an anxiety attack.. or heart attack… whichever decides to get me first. That epilogue… Why. Just…. WHY.
    • FINAL RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Still Surviving by A.M. Johnson: I swear, this lady is too talented with writing it’s unbelievable. I loved Seth since he was introduced. He was such an interesting aide character and very mysterious. I was so excited to read his story and of course learn about Tiffany! I loved their story and to say how excited I am for Colby and Cam is an understatement. I have grown sooo incredibly close to these characters, I can’t believe after Cam and Colby’s novella, it will be over… All these characters hold a place in my heart. I know I probably say this alot, but I’m serious. With Mrs. Johnson’s writing and understanding all these characters, I have completely fallen for all of them. Todd is still my favorite and he’s the one that surprised me the most. Loved Tiff and Seth. Loved this book. Love A.M. Johnson. Love this series. Love everything with this series! :)
    • FINAL RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆


making faces he will be my ruin

I have all intentions of finishing both of these today. I’m loving both books and I’m on the final stretch for both. :)


faithful believe a wanted christmas let me go

Hopefully I’ll get to all 3 this coming week, but we will see! :D



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