Austin Book Fest 2016


I attended Austin Book Fest earlier this month and WOW! I had such a blast! I know I’m incredibly late getting this post up and I apologize. This semester of classes is kicking my rear. But let’s get started!

1048295_907928299327161_8613822376181000216_oI got a “candid” picture taken before the event and it’s crazy! I seriously had the best time at the event. You can see my cart behind me. Yes, my arms hurt soooo bad from pushing it, but it was PERFECT for carrying 70+ books around for 4+ hours! If your curious where I got it, go here. I learned some new tips for future signings. I met so many awesome book friends in person. Got to meet so many awesome authors (of course!) I wish I could rewind back and redo the event again!













The haul: (minus one book [My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron — a friend accidentally had my copy])


I got a total of 61 books (60 books in the picture) signed at the event and I call that a huge success. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet all the authors in the picture- I actually had to have some friends sign them for me. I think the one thing I took away from this was to bring more books for authors I’ve read. I brought like 2 books for almost every author even if I haven’t read them yet.

The Swag:


The Authors I Met:

10322701_201539310210191_4872598497991071917_n12718224_201538726876916_4373139832504246805_n 12794331_201539283543527_5580305629928747258_n 12794620_201539270210195_7692194002053525633_n 12799022_201539263543529_7045582827637120685_n12799334_201539653543490_196997433578619785_n 12800118_201538716876917_3629146981502326555_n 12801316_201539413543514_3008072354439655755_n 12801642_201540060210116_7285460826751767784_n 12802728_201540106876778_7835463388894885124_n 12805961_201538690210253_2457700468205652602_n 12809608_201538693543586_9022216805899664606_n12801665_201539326876856_5258915876256138358_n 12801190_201539410210181_4049545327903458317_n 12799011_201538803543575_4878878625310824285_n12814304_201538800210242_7786946609636910448_n 12832552_201538766876912_1219275028553941294_n12814405_201538833543572_7323271902988859254_n 12814722_201538826876906_4061657217472393898_n 12814807_201538763543579_4300467184680420778_n 12821485_201541346876654_6671880936318117207_n 12832423_201541476876641_775304060242987742_n 12832383_201539650210157_7583241995512045739_n 12832507_201539706876818_615671561120340047_n


12800204_201538870210235_9042643728759584429_n 12805908_201538930210229_657093566752856605_n 12809656_201541330209989_4974045206929995823_n 12821344_10205880137344969_2451467353943916956_n

Like I said, I had an absolute BLAST at ABF! I hope Vilma decides to host again next year because I plan to go next year!



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