Review Blitz: Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland



The first time I met Caine West was in a bar.

He noticed me looking his way and mistakenly read my scowling as checking him out.

When he attempted to talk to me, I set him straight—telling him what I thought of his lying, cheating, egomaniacal ass.

You see, the gorgeous jerk had wined and dined my best friend–smooth talking her into his bed, all along failing to mention that he was married.

He deserved every bit of my tongue-lashing and more for what he’d done.

Especially when that lazy smile graced his perfect face in response to my rant.

Only it turned out, the man I’d just told off wasn’t the right guy.

Oops. My mistake.

Embarrassed, I slunk out without an apology.

I was never going to see the handsome stranger again anyway, right?

That’s what I thought…until I walked into class the next morning.

Well, hello Professor West, I’m your new teaching assistant.

I’ll be working under you…figuratively speaking.

Although the literal interpretation might not be such a bad thing—working under Professor West.

This was going to be interesting…




I went into this book completely blind; I was already sold on this book because of the cover. So I had no idea about a student/teacher romance! MAN! I’ve read a couple of Vi’s books as well as a couple she has co-written with Penelope and have enjoyed all of them! I love that she adds humor mixed in with some steam. Especially with a student/teacher romance. However, Rachel and Cain’s story was more than just their relationship in the classroom and that’s what made me fall harder for the story.

I did catch on pretty quickly about how the story was going to pan out, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t still enjoy the story and the ride. Because, man did I! The story became more than just a student/teacher romance which I honestly don’t think I’ve experienced yet in a book. Which was also nice!

You honestly can’t go wrong with Vi Keeland; I absolutely have adored the books I’ve read so far and cannot wait to catch up on the ones I’ve missed. PLUS, have you SEEN the cover?! I mean, I was sold from the get-go! That should be enough to meet Cain! ;)


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Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author. With more than 1.5 million books sold, her titles have appeared in over eighty Bestseller lists and are currently translated in sixteen languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.

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Review: Kingdom by A.M. Johnson

Kingdom Ebook Cover

*jumps up and down* OH MY GOD. I literally cannot with Johnson’s writing. I literally can’t. She’s one of those fairy tale type of writers I get entranced… I can just gush all day just about her writing. Seriously. SO GOOD.

That’s all you need. :)

This is the sequel to Possession which follows Declan’s older brother, Liam. Can be read as a standalone, but some parts about Declan’s story will be revealed and will spoil Possession for you. I recommend reading the first one!

This is such a quick, fast paced book. This will pull on some heart strings and may drive you crazy if you’re not into angst. But it’s not too bad. ;) I swear, seriously. The only thing you need from this review is her writing. That’s all I need to say. And Liam. Liam, definitely. :)

Review: A Brutal Betrayal by D.C. Renee

a brutal betrayalA Brutal Betrayal by D.C. Renee
Published by Self Published on September 30th 2014
Genres: Abuse, Dark, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 160
Source: Finished copy from author
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Past. Everyone has one. It shapes the person they become. It determines the present. It even contributes to the future. And sometimes, people are thrown together in spite of it.

It was no secret that Megan Verona was raped. It crippled her being, turning her from a vibrant young woman to someone who feared intimacy. After years of struggling, she decided to seek help with a therapist, Declan Connors, in hopes of being able to finally have a relationship. Declan wanted to help Megan; he wanted to help everyone who sought his aid, but she was different. She consumed his thoughts until he could no longer deny his feelings. He hadn’t expected to fall for her and fall hard, but he did. It was a wonder when she returned some of his sentiment. But, like everyone, Declan also has a past, one riddled with pain and anguish, one he hadn’t fully dealt with.

If helping Megan brought out his own shadows, what did loving her do? How do both their pasts play a role in their future? Most importantly, can they conquer the past that threw them together?

Author Note: This book is not for everyone. Although the overall story is strictly contemporary romance fiction, it does deal with some heavy situations – namely rape and PTSD. Do not read this if you have triggers. I also want to say that I do NOT in any way condone rape. The plot of this story is simply that – a story. It is a work of fiction and should be considered so when reading. Thank you.

what i thought

I received a finished copy in exchange for an honest review from the author. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This was such an emotional, dark read. It covers a touchy subject that can often be difficult to write about in a book… That topic being rape. Our main character, Megan at 16 years old was brutally raped and left for dead. 7 years later and gone through countless therapists who can’t seem to bring the intimacy she wants, looks one last time. Her new therapist is ex-Marine, Declan. He truly wants to help those that come into his office. He too has struggled through a lot in the past and he wants to bring that help to others. But as truths come out and dark secrets are uncovered, it may not be something that can be fixed for Megan and Declan… But can they make it work?

I did catch on towards the beginning what was going to happen later in the book but didn’t think it was actually going to happen. When it did happen I was still extremely shocked that it was true. This was such a beautiful read despite what all these 2 characters have gone through in their lives. I did feel I couldn’t fully connect with the characters. It is told mostly through Declan’s point of view, but kind of as if a ghost was following him around narrating his thoughts.

I really enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to more of D.C.’s books! :D


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Review: The Hazards of a One Night Stand by Alyssa Rose Ivy

the hazards of a one night standThe Hazards of a One Night Stand by Alyssa Rose Ivy
Series: Hazards #2
Published by Self Published on February 24th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 313
Source: ARC copy from publisher
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One small town boy, one girl who wants more, one roll in the hay…

Hooking up with your high school crush is a bad idea, a really bad idea. It was only supposed to be one night, one brief departure from my real life, but nothing ever works out exactly the way you plan.

Colton Waters was everything from my past that didn’t fit into my present, so why did he have to show up at my college and pledge the one frat I couldn’t avoid?

Because nothing is ever meant to happen just once. At least not the life changing things that mean the difference between falling apart and falling in love.

what i thoughtI received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from the publisher. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I think one of my favorite types of romance is the small town ones. I think it’s because I can relate (somewhat) most to them and living in small town as well. Mallory who is our main character in this, is a lot like myself. When I first started college I was DYING to get out the town I’m in now. (I did, but I don’t want to go into my personal life, but I’m back) ;)

Mallory is starting her sophomore year at college and along with her best friends in her sorority, Juliet (who was the main character in the first book) and Cara. Mallory has a one-night stand with Colt, one of her best friends in her home town. She has had a crush on him for a long time and regrets having the one night stand almost immediately so she goes back to school early. But now he’s showing up everywhere she turns.

I loved Mallory/Colt a lot more than Juliet/Reed. Again, it could possibly due to the fact that it’s a small town kind of romance. :) Plus, it could also be a factor of the author’s writing improving. I was completely engrossed in this story! I know with the first, I could put it down at parts and be okay not to continue immediately. This wasn’t the case for the sequel! (Now, don’t take it the wrong way- I LOVED the first as well).

I’m becoming a big fan of Alyssa Rose Ivy! These books are making me wish I had done the university route and did the whole sorority deal! But I’ll just live vicariously through these stories. ;)

I’m excited to continue this series at some point! I love these characters and have become very attached!


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Review: Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

broken skiesBroken Skies by Theresa Kay
Series: Broken Skies #1
Published by Skyscape on January 13th 2015
Genres: Dystopian, Sci Fi> Aliens, Science Fiction
Pages: 372
Source: Finished copy from author
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Thirty years ago, civilization collapsed. Few survived.
Ten years ago, the aliens arrived…and stayed.
One year ago, I killed two men and went a little crazy.
Today, the aliens took my brother and I will do anything to get him back.

In seventeen-year-old Jax Mitchell’s world, humans are nearly extinct and alien settlers have arrived.

Until recently, the E’rikon have remained segregated in their city and ignored the few humans who have tried to engage them… but now they have taken Jax’s brother. To rescue him, she forms an uneasy alliance with a teenage E’rikon left stranded in the woods. She agrees to guide him to the city if he sneaks her past the human-proof barrier. Too bad it’s not that simple.

Jax, who cannot stand to be touched, finds that she’s drawn to the alien boy with bright green hair and jewel-like scales on his back. And he’s equally affected by her, the courageous redhead with haunted eyes. But she doesn’t know the alien’s true motives and he has no idea that she is much more than she seems.

With the aliens and the humans at odds, the connection forming between the two teens has consequences. What started off as a rescue mission sets a chain of events in motion which threatens not only the remaining humans and the growing alien society, but Earth itself.

what i thought


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review from the publisher. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This was amazing!! I’m so thankful Theresa Kay contacted me asking if I’d like to review this.. After seeing Ben from BenajminofTomes on BookTube rave about it, I knew I needed to get my hands on it somehow. After finishing the Lux series (one of my absolute-2nd all time favorite-series) late last year, I needed some more hot aliens! I love finding different books that portray aliens differently. No one knows what they actually look like, so seeing how authors create their own is very intriguing to me! Especially with our new hot alien-hotness, Lir. Who knew scales that run just below the neckline could be so dang sexy!!

Our main character, Jax is a feisty, tomboy who lives with her twin brother, Jace. They are extremely close considering their past and what happened to them growing up. With a catastrophic event wiping out about 90% of the population on Earth, Jax and Jace are just trying to survive. Not only are they the only few left, aliens are now coming to Earth…

Everything was fantastic! Plot, characters, romance, action, writing, everything. Just perfect! I’m really excited to see what happens next and getting to see Lir again. ;)

This was such a fast paced, sexy hot alien sexiness, fun read! There wasn’t a time when I felt I couldn’t continue on. I had to know what was going to happen and I always need more Lir. This book doesn’t disappoint at all and I loved every page! I highly recommend to fans of the Lux series, The 5 Wave and Alienated!




“Sorry,” he mumbles. “I wasn’t trying to take advantage.” “You’re sorry for kissing me?” The half smile turns almost into a grin and he raises one eyebrow. “Do you want me to be?” “No. I want you to do it again.” — page 203

Mini Review: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

beautiful bastardBeautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
Series: Beautiful Bastard #1
Published by Gallery Books on February 12th, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
Pages: 308
Source: Purchased

An ambitious intern. A perfectionist executive. And a whole lot of name calling.

Whip-smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss, Bennett Ryan. He’s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate—and completely irresistible. A Beautiful Bastard.

Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family’s massive media business. He never expected that the assistant who’d been helping him from abroad was the gorgeous, innocently provocative—completely infuriating—creature he now has to see every day. Despite the rumors, he’s never been one for a workplace hookup. But Chloe’s so tempting he’s willing to bend the rules—or outright smash them—if it means he can have her. All over the office.

As their appetites for one another increase to a breaking point, Bennett and Chloe must decide exactly what they’re willing to lose in order to win each other.

Originally only available online as The Office by tby789—and garnering over 2 million reads on fanfiction sites—Beautiful Bastard has been extensively updated for re-release.

what i thought


I haven’t read that much adult romance and I’ve heard this is cliche…. But man did I absolutely eat every piece of this book! I also heard while reading that this is a fanfic based on Twilight. Had I never heard that, I never would have pictured that.

Bennett is definitely something to swoon over. That man and his panty ripping.. Bennett and Chloe work together, he’s her boss and the hate each other. I’ll admit it took a good third of the book for me to really fall for these 2. I wasn’t a fan of Bennett in the beginning because he is a jerk.. But as Chloe got to know him more, I started falling for him as well.

As I started getting into it, the harder it was to put it down. I loved the twos constant banter and snarky remarks. This is also told by both of their perspectives which I always love seeing. I’m really excited for more of Christina Lauren (AKA Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings)!!

I recommend to those looking for a light, quick, steamy read but go in with low expectations..





“So here were the facts: I felt possessive of her. Not in a romantic sort of way, but in a “hit her over the head, drag her off by the hair, and fuck her” way. Like she was my toy and I was keeping the other boys in the sandbox from playing with her. How sick was that? If she ever heard me admit to that, she would cut off my balls and feed them to me.” — page 116


“I was starting to see that this wasn’t just sex, and it wasn’t something just working out of my system. Sex was just the fastest route to the deeper possession that I needed. I was falling in love with her, and falling to fast and hard to easily find any footing.”– page 238


“I told you, I want more than this. I want to be with you. I want to be your lover.” I swore, digging my hands into my hair. “I’m falling for you, Chloe.” — page 270


“This flirting is all well and good, but I mean it when I tell you, I cant have you leaving me again. It almost broke me.”
My ribs seemed to squeeze all of the air out of my lungs at the thought. “I don’t think I could. I don’t want to be away from you again either.”
“But you need to give me a chance to fix things when I screw up. You know I’m an ass sometimes.”
Growling, he whispered, “And I tear lingerie.”
I pushed a curl off his forehead, “And hoard it. Don’t forget the creepy hoarding.”– page 304

Review: The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings

the murder complexThe Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings
Series: The Murder Complex #1
Published by Greenwillow Books on June 10th 2014
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 398
Source: Purchased

An action-packed, blood-soaked, futuristic debut thriller set in a world where the murder rate is higher than the birthrate. For fans of Moira Young’s Dust Lands series, La Femme Nikita, and the movie Hanna.

Meadow Woodson, a fifteen-year-old girl who has been trained by her father to fight, to kill, and to survive in any situation, lives with her family on a houseboat in Florida. The state is controlled by The Murder Complex, an organization that tracks the population with precision.

The plot starts to thicken when Meadow meets Zephyr James, who is—although he doesn’t know it—one of the MC’s programmed assassins. Is their meeting a coincidence? Destiny? Or part of a terrifying strategy? And will Zephyr keep Meadow from discovering the haunting truth about her family?

Action-packed, blood-soaked, and chilling, this is a dark and compelling debut novel by Lindsay Cummings.

what i thoughtI followed this book and the author at least 6 months before the publication date (probably longer than that). This was one of my most anticipated books of 2014, and of course I just now read it! I absolutely loved every page!!

Meadow has been trained to fight by her dad all her life. No matter the situation, she will kill to survive; she will not be the one to die. Zephyr doesn’t know that he is one of The Murder Complex’s programmed assassins. Every night at the Dark Time murders happen all over making the death toll higher than the birth rate.

I had such a difficult time putting this down! This is a very fast paced, quick read even though it’s almost 400 pages. I pretty much read it in 1 sitting! Although this is dystopian and there are many out there, there is nothing like this! This is a dark, chilling and stunning dual perspective read. Dystopia is truly one of my favorite genres because of what can be done to the future by what we do to it. One of my favorite types of dystopian’s is featured in this; controlling the population.

My only problem was having more explanation to the world which wasn’t explained until about halfway through the book. I was having a lot of unanswered questions while reading and I’m very glad they ended up getting answered.

I admired Meadow’s character; she was so kick butt and tough. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to put up a fight or go after what she wants to protect her family. Her little sister, Peri was adorable and so angelic. She reminded me a lot of Prim from The Hunger Games trilogy. Both younger sister’s bring out the soft side in both Meadow and Katniss. Other than just Peri, I really enjoyed all the side characters! There wasn’t a character that I didn’t find interesting and didn’t care less about.

I had to warm up to Zephyr first before I really started liking his character. His position he is placed in this world was touching and hard to read at times. But I found his character very interesting. It really didn’t take much for me to start loving his character honestly.

I wasn’t much of a fan of the romance; though Meadow and Zephyr are good together. They had so many conflicts that it was hard to decide if I should root for them or not.

Definitely an action-packed, fast paced, gory read that can be read in 1 sitting! I had a lot of fun while reading and cannot wait to see what is going to happen in the sequel!



“I wish I could find the words to tell you how beautiful you are,” I whisper.

“Your eyes are closed.” She lets out a nervous laugh. “How can you say that if you aren’t even looking at me?”

“You’re ruining the moment.” — page 278


Review: Breathe by Abbi Glines

breatheBreathe by Abbi Glines
Series: Sea Breeze #1
Published by Simon Pulse on May 16th 2011
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 333
Source: Purchased

In the shore town of Sea Breeze, Sadie discovers that fame is nothing in the face of passion. A steamy read from bestselling author Abbi Glines.

Sadie White’s summer job is at the beach, but she won’t be working as a lifeguard. Since her mom is pregnant and refuses to work, Sadie will be taking over as a domestic servant for a wealthy family on a nearby island.

When the family arrives at their summer getaway, Sadie is surprised to learn that the owner of the house is Jax Stone, one of the hottest teen rockers in the world. If Sadie were normal—if she hadn’t spent her life raising her mother and taking care of the house—maybe she’d be excited about working for a rock star. But she’s not.

Even though Sadie isn’t impressed by Jax’s fame, he is drawn to her. Everything about Sadie fascinates Jax, but he fights his attraction: Relationships never work in his world, and as badly as he wants Sadie, he believes she deserves more. Yet as the summer stretches on, Jax’s passion leaves him breathless—and Sadie feels like the only source of oxygen.

Can their love overcome the disparity in their lifestyles? One breath at a time, they’re going to find out…

what i thoughtI have finally read a book by Abbi Glines! For almost a year I’ve been dying to pick up one of her books!

Sadie has always been the adult figure between her mom and herself. Sadie always had to make sure to purchase condoms for her mom and make sure she was fed. When Sadie’s mom ends up pregnant, it’s up to Sadie to find a job to support them and the new coming baby. She takes up her mother’s previous job working as a servant at a rich family’s house. This family turns out to be the family of big pop teen sensation, Jax Stone who comes to visit his Sea Breeze house for a summer getaway. Growing up and being the adult figure, she never really paid much attention to Jax and his music.

Jax is immediately drawn to Sadie, while Sadie isn’t impressed. Determined to make this relationship work, Jax pulls on his charm to win Sadie over. But will the fame and paparazzi scare Sadie away for good? Can they both stand a tugging relationship like that?

This is told in dual point of view, switching chapters between Sadie and Jax.

I adored this! Though, for about 80 pages I wasn’t “in love” with it just yet. It wasn’t really until the second half that I really started falling for this book. There were also some cheesy scenes shared between Jax and Sadie as well that resulted in why this is not a 5/5 rating for me. The conflict that arose towards the end of the book frustrated me a little because of how quickly it was resolved.

The romance is sweet and romantic, and you can help but having the biggest grin on your face. Jax and Sadie’s story is one of those that you never want to end, I wanted to keep reading more about them. The first half of the book is like a young adult contemporary, but until about the half way mark does it really develop into a new adult book.

I loved Sadie’s friend she met, Marcus. He was incredibly sweet and so charming towards Sadie. I can’t decide who I like more, Marcus or Jax… I knew Marcus didn’t have a chance, but I am excited to see his love story next! I loved that he played like a “knight in shining armor” for Sadie.

I also loved Ms. Mary and Mr. Greg!! Especially Ms. Mary; she was the perfect motherly figure for Sadie that she’s been so desperate to have her whole life! The one thing that seriously bothered me about Sadie’s mom was the fact that she couldn’t go out and buy her own condoms! SERIOUSLY! Your going to make your DAUGHTER go out and buy them for you?!

Definitely looking forward to more of Abbi Glines’ books! I’m definitely hooked!!



“You’re everything I write about in songs, but can never have.” — page 93


“If hearts could shatter, mine just did.” ― Abbi Glines, Breathe


“I perfected the art of being uninteresting.” ― Abbi Glines, Breathe

Review: Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels

sweet addictionSweet Addiction by J. Daniels
Series: Sweet Addiction #1
Published by Amazon Digital Services Inc. on May 2nd 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 305
Source: Purchased

Wedding hookups never amount to anything.

Those who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules. Get in. Get laid. Get out. There’s no expectation of a relationship. It is what it is.

Dylan Sparks knows the rules. She’s familiar with the protocol. And she engages in the best sex of her life with a complete stranger at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

Reese Carroll doesn’t care about the rules. He wants more than just one night with Dylan. And he’s too addicting to pass up.

Sweet Addiction is the story of one girl’s struggle to keep things casual, and one boy’s desire to never let her go.

what i thoughtI have been needing my new adult/adult romance fix for a while now and this definitely did it for me!

Dylan owns her own bakery making some of the best cupcakes known to man. Her assistant, who is also her best friend, Joey works with her. Dylan is making a cake for a wedding, but this isn’t just a normal wedding. This happens to be the wedding for her ex-boyfriend. Determined to have slutty wedding sex, she stumbles upon Reese, the hot accountant. She knows this is just a one time thing, but Reese doesn’t think so. They start seeing each other more often, but convinced this is just a “friends with benefits”.

This is a sweet, romantic, steamy, funny read that I absolutely enjoyed to pieces. I’m completely addicted to Reese and especially J. Daniels writing. This is my first book by this author and most definitely won’t be the last! I had such difficult times putting down the book! I adored Dylan’s two best friends, Joey and Juls. I would love to have them as my best friends, they were perfect and beyond hilarious! They were both there for Dylan and were just the perfect, loyal best friends any girl could ask for!

Though the reason as to why this isn’t a 5 star book (it definitely had the potential to be one) was the unnecessary drama around the 80-85% mark in the book. I felt it could have been completely avoided if the characters had just talked to each other instead of just completely alienating them.

Definitely adding Reese to my list of top book boyfriends list. He’s incredibly swoon-worthy, sexy, dirty, and romantic. It was near impossible NOT to fall for him!

Definitely looking forward to more of J. Daniels’ books!



“He has officially ruined all other men for me and I am perfectly fine with that.”– page 71


Review: The Elite by Kiera Cass

the eliteThe Elite by Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #2
Published by HarperTeen on April 23rd 2013
Genres: Dystopian, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 336
Source: Purchased

The Selection began with thirty-five girls.
Now with the group narrowed down to the six Elite, the competition to win Prince Maxon’s heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies. Is it with Maxon, who could make her life a fairy tale? Or with her first love, Aspen?

America is desperate for more time. But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want—and America’s chance to choose is about to slip away.

what i thoughtOH. MY. GOSH. How I’ve missed this world! I read The Selection late 2013 and just never picked this up. I even attended a signing for Kiera Cass and 3 other authors the day The One released. Still didn’t read it. I’m absolutely kicking myself for waiting SOO long! Words cannot describe how obsessed I got while reading this. I’m not a big fan of America, most of the time I just want to slap her for some of the decisions she made. Once I started this, I seriously could not put the book down! I was going crazy. All I wanted to do was just read this. I was getting very paranoid and very angry when I couldn’t find a copy of The One at Half Price Books that day (luckily Target loves me and knew I needed it ;) ).

Prince Maxon is now left with 5 girls to choose as a wife. All of them exceed great qualities as a wife for him. But he really only has eyes for America. But with America still deciding who she wants, Maxon or Aspen, Maxon starts to look elsewhere. Now with the possibility of the other girls instead of just America, she has to fight for who she really wants, stay and become princess or go home. Who will she choose?

Kiera Cass is one of those authors that immediately draws you in the second you pick up the book. Everything is so vividly described that you feel as if your right there in America’s shoes watching this all play out. She’s a very gifted writer! You feel attached to everything in this story, the characters (sometimes America), the world, the writing, everything! I’m so glad I picked this book up and continued because I forgot how much I really enjoyed The Selection and how much I was missing this world. Words cannot describe how obsessed I am with this series at the moment!

As I’m writing this review, I’ve already read and finished The One, but am very excited to see more of story continue!




“You know that you’ve found something amazing, and you want to hold on to it forever; and every second after you have it, you fear the moment you might lose it.”– page 62


“Darling, you’re perfect.”– page 80


“Sometimes I feel like we’re a knot, too tangled to be taken apart.”– page 213

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