Review: Hell Without You by Ranae Rose

hell without youHell Without You by Ranae Rose
Series: N/A
Published by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. on September 5th 2013
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Military, New Adult
Pages: 222
Source: ARC from NetGalley
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My Rating: 4.5 stars

I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Time changes everything, except what’s meant to be.

Seven years is a long time – long enough to transform Clementine from a small-town teenager with a broken heart into a woman ready to take on the world, but not long enough to make her forget about the man she was never supposed to see again. A temporary return to tiny Willow Heights thrusts her back into Donovan’s life and home, unearthing heartbreak and obsession that have stood the test of time.

He left seven years ago too, for war and other things Clementine can only imagine. Coming back to the town where he grew up in the shadow of poverty and drug addiction makes no sense, and neither do Clementine’s feelings for him. He could never forgive her for leaving, could he? Even if she had no choice.

Now, she has the freedom to choose … and so does he. Every day in Willow Heights makes it clearer: all he ever really wanted was her, and nothing will change that. Not even a taste of the hell that drove them apart in the first place.

Seven years ago, Clementine lived in a small town called Willow Heights. She was dating Donovan and neither of them speak to their parents. The only way they would communicate if they couldn’t find each other was by writing letters to each other and placing them in a brick at Clementine’s grandma’s house. Something happened to Clementine and Donovan and she was forced to choose– leave for college in another state and leave Donovan behind or stay and have him go to jail for what happened. She decided to leave for college. He went off to war in Afghanistan.

Seven years later, Clementine has finished college and had an internship in New York that made her in debt. She decided to move back to Willow Heights. Well, so has Donovan. Donovan also suffers from PTSD, and because of this almost every night he sleep walks. Clementine goes to visit her grandma’s house to revisit it. She then finds that a black truck has pulled up and a man steps out. She recognizes him and it happens to be Donovan. Donovan has never stop loving Clementine and Clementine had no idea. They are confronted with the past and something terrible happens.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this story. Although, the reason why I gave this a 4.5 Stars rating is because the beginning dragged on. It took until over half way for the story to really pick up. When it did, I really liked it. Another reason as to why I gave it this rating is because it was missing that piece to make me completely love the story.  I did however, have a really hard time putting the book down. I read a little over half of it in one day.

I thought Donovan was extremely hot. Well, at least how Clementine was explaining him. :)

Clementine’s past and how Donovan was involved, was mind-opening. After everything that has happened to these 2, I’m really happy that something really great come from it. I found myself literally smiling when I finished the book.

I really didn’t like Clementine’s parents at all. They were very rude and didn’t like Donovan for something he didn’t necessarily do.

Favorite Quotes:

“I’ve survived the last seven years without you watching over me after dark. Figure I’ll make it through another night.”


“I don’t want a life without you. Fuck staying away from Willow Heights if it means never seeing you again. I… it was hell without you.”


“The kind of love that waits for seven years without changing is the kind of love that makes you stupid, sometimes.”