Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read In 2013

top ten tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


This week’s theme is ‘Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013’.


This is in no particular order.

city of lost souls unravel me the darkest minds divergent sweet peril

1. City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5) by Cassandra Clare

2. Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2) by Tahereh Mafi

3. The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds #1) by Alexandra Bracken

4. Divergent (Divergent #1) by Veronica Roth

5. Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy #2) by Wendy Higgins

obsidian angelfall fangirl web of lies the-host

6. Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

7. Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) by Susan Ee

8. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

9. Web of Lies (Red Ridge Pack #3) by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber

10. The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Review: Web of Lies by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber

web of liesWeb of Lies by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber
Series: Red Ridge Pack #3
Published by: Boroughs Publishing Group on November 23th 2013
Genre: Werewolves, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 254
Source: ARC copy from publisher

goodreads amazon

My Rating: 5 stars2

I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from the publisher. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

In the midst of a struggle for control of his pack, eighteen-year-old werewolf enforcer-to-be Luke Stanton meets the one girl who will destroy everything…or complete him.

Eighteen-year-old Luke Stanton is focused, strong, and intimidating as hell. He has to be. As the future enforcer of Red Ridge, it will be his job to keep the other weres in line. So avoiding close friendships, pack drama, and especially pack females is in his best interest. He witnessed firsthand what love did to his father, so casual human hookups are enough.

Then she arrives: Scarlett Reed. She arouses something primal in him, something undeniable. But just as Luke gives himself permission to finally experience something real, the truth bursts free. The were beauty is harboring a secret so devastating it has the power to destroy him. At the same time, the pack is splintering over a battle for leadership, and Luke’s strength is needed more than ever. It is a time of upheaval, of the destructive power of lies. Everything he thought to protect is in danger: his family, his friends…and most of all, his heart.

Luke has always had trouble with girls. He has never had a serious relationship and he’s okay with that. He’d rather have “casual relationships” then be committed to someone. His mother hasn’t been in the picture at all in his life and his father has never had another serious relationship after Luke’s mom. Luke is the pack enforcer, basically the alpha’s second in command and he’s now stuck between the fight of who’s going to be the next alpha– Cade or Aiden.

Luke has been texting and talking to Scarlett, whom is the daughter of the pack’s “clean-up man”. She is thrown in to help destroy the Red Ridge pack in the hopes that her pack will take over theirs. Her job in this is to get Luke to fall for her. Well, will she let her feeling get in between this?

Will Luke let Scarlett in even after what happened? Luke is needed now more than ever to break apart many fights and bring in a “mediator”.

my thoughts 2

Okay, this is definitely by far my favorite of the 3 books. I was nervous going into this book considering I gave the previous book a 3.5/5 stars. But, as the story progressed, I had a VERY hard time putting the book down. Since I was babysitting last night, the only thing that kept me from crying was the fact that the parents were going to be home at any second.. The book was just.. Wow. I’m still at a loss of words.

I really enjoyed Luke and Scarlett’s relationship. Although, one part was very predictable. I knew the second something was a little off that it was going to happen. That’s a little vague.. But, I don’t want to spoil it.

Okay, Drew got on my last nerves. He absolutely CREEPED ME OUT to no ends… I just wanted to skip over his chapters and be done with him.. But a lot happens in his point of view that you just want to scream at the other characters for not knowing what’s going on, but then you realize your screaming at your iPad… Then you look like you’ve lost your mind.. Hope I’m not the only one. :)

The book ended in a MAJOR cliff hanger and I’m dying to get my hands on the next book… Although looking at the release dates of these books it looks like I’m going to have to wait until next November to get my hands on the book.

favorite quotes

“Some girl, a long time ago, should have dumped my add and done the world a favor. Maybe I would have turned out to be a more sensitive guy. Nah, probably not. I just wasn’t cut out for serious relationships.”


“Oh God! I am! I am totally falling for Luke Stanton, the freakin’ king of commitment issues. Damn it! Damn him! Damn my stupid, stupid heart.”

Review: Circle of Lies by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber

circle of liesCircle of Lies by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber
Series: Red Ridge Pack #2
Published by: Boroughs Publishing Group on December 20th 2012
Genre: Werewolves, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 351 — according to iPad
Source: Bought- Apple Book Store

amazon goodreads

My Rating: 3.5 stars

Aiden Wright is trying to figure out who he really is, but the truth could cost him his true mate—or his life.

Life has always been easy for Aiden Wright. He’s smart, athletic, funny, and the ladies adore him. But when tragedy strikes, Aiden discovers the truth about who he really is and his whole world comes crashing down around him. Aiden thought that being a teenage werewolf was going to be awesome, but it might just cost him the one girl who could make him whole.

Since her mother’s disappearance, Teagan Rhodes’s life has been littered with her father’s empty beer cans and his hollow promises to change. Convinced that others would only let her down, she keeps everyone at arm’s length—but resisting Aiden’s charm is proving to be more difficult than she thought. Throw in a psychotic werewolf hunter out to terminate the species and one wrong move, one wrong decision could destroy everything.

We now follow Aidan– whom is Allison’s older brother. He is trying to figure out who he is and what he’s going to do with his life. Things start to get a little crazy after finding someone that makes him happy. He meets Teagan– who is Alison’s friend from school and immediately likes her.

Teagan hasn’t had the best of luck throughout her life. She has had many hard life decisions and is basically living on her own. Her dad is an alcoholic and her mom disappeared and never came back. Her dad always promised that he would change and sober up, but she knew it was never true. She hasn’t had the best of luck with guys either. She had her heart shattered into a million pieces and humiliated in front of the whole school body.

There is a psychotic werewolf hunter plotting to kill werewolves and revenge death of a family member. Out for blood, he won’t stop no matter the cost. Who comes in his way?

my thoughts 2

Okay, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I did Pack of Lies. The majority of this story (in my opinion) was solely based on Aidan trying to ask out Teagan and constantly trying. It wasn’t until about 80-90 pages towards the end (according to my iPad) that things really took off and it wasn’t just about their relationship. I think they (the authors) could have cut out some parts of Aidan trying to ask Teagan out and the story wouldn’t have been centered around their relationship.

We didn’t get to see much of Alison and Cade. :( I was excited to see more about their relationship and everything, but sadly their were no chapters (that I can remember) that were in their point of views. I don’t think I’m as much of a fan of Aidan/Tegan as I am Alison/Cade.

The characters however, really did develop a lot more as the story went on. While switching perspectives we weren’t re-told what just happened from the other character. It went immediately after what that last character thought. Make sense? :)

Some of the ending felt rushed to me. I’m not sure what it was, but it felt rushed. The ending.. Wow. PLOT TWIST! Was not expecting that at all! Definitely reading Web of Lies!

favorite quotes

“Maybe we were hybrid werewolf-vampires. Or witches! Not zombies, surely.”


“We’re like Ross and Rachel, except he’s Rachel and I’m Ross.”


“You’re absolutely nuts of you think I’m perfect. But I think you’re kinda perfect. And, well… now you’re going to think I’m nuts. Because… because I have to tell you something else. I’ve fallen in love with you, Teagan.”

Review: Pack of Lies by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber

pack of liesPack of Lies by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber
Series: Red Ridge Pack #1
Published by: Boroughs Publishing Group on April 8th 2012
Genre: Werewolves, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 303 — according to iPad
Source: Bought- Apple Book Store

amazon goodreads

My Rating: 4 stars2

The last thing Allison Wright ever expected when she moved to Red Ridge, New Mexico was to come muzzle to muzzle with the wolf of her dreams.

Seventeen-year-old Allison Wright is convinced she’s losing her mind. Uncontrollable mood swings, hot flashes, and the urge to punch anyone who gets in her way are suddenly becoming everyday occurrences. Before her erratic behavior gets out of hand, Allison’s mother finally comes clean about her dark secret. Mom is a werewolf, and soon Allison and her brother Aiden will suffer the same fate. When Allison reaches her breaking point, the family leaves their life in Texas to move to Red Ridge, New Mexico where they rejoin the pack that Allison’s mother left behind almost 20 years ago.

Unfortunately, not everyone in Red Ridge is thrilled about Allison’s arrival, especially when she attracts the attention of the very handsome, very taken, soon-to-be alpha, Cade Walker. Little does Allison know, her mere presence is causing a rift in a once unified pack. Not only has Cade been forbidden from being with Allison by his father, the pack’s alpha, Cade’s girlfriend, Kendall Stuart, will stop at nothing to get Allison out of the picture. Well on her way to becoming the next alpha’s mate, Kendall expects to rule the pack by Cade’s side even if it means teaming up with a rogue werewolf with an agenda of his own. Determined to get rid of Allison permanently, when Kendall and the rogue join forces, all hell breaks loose and no one in the pack is safe, especially not Cade and his true mate.

Allison and her older brother Aidan are inseparable. Within the last couple of months, Allison has lost her boyfriend, best friend (whom she’s been best friends since they were little) and is constantly being harassed in school. She has been sent to the office 3 times within a couple months and clearly something isn’t right. Allison has begun to realize that all the girls are constantly at her throat and guys are constantly trying to grab her butt. When Allison gets into her third fight and is sent home, she is ready for what her mom has to say. When Allison spends the whole day in her room waiting for the worst, it turns out to be the complete opposite. Completely freaked out, she goes downstairs. Her mother then blurts out that Allison and Aidan are soon-to-be-werewolves. Of course, both double over in laughter and believe that their mother has completely lost her mind. Then they are faced with a wolf standing over them and begin to realize that their mother wasn’t kidding.

Although it probably wasn’t the best decision on the mother’s part about leaving out a crucial part that they will be werewolves, they decide they have to move. They are forced to move back to the one town their parents wouldn’t think twice about– their mother’s hometown.

Allison and Aidan are quickly thrown into the pack of werewolves their age and are greeted with some nice people.. Well, werewolves… And one not so nice one.. Kendall. Allison decides after a while to leave and is then confronted with a situation..

my thoughts 2

I was honestly nervous about how I was going to feel about this. The beginning was slow and almost predictable and at that point I was sitting at a 3-3.5 star rating. However, as the story went on, it started to pick up and become less predictable.

I did though have a hard time really connecting with the characters. I did like a lot of the characters, but I felt that it was hard to connect with them. Maybe it could be the constant switching of point of views? I usually have a harder time relating to the characters if the point of views are changing.

I haven’t read many if any werewolf books, so this was a great start! At first, it was kind of cliche of how their mom explained how they were werewolves. That may be the wrong word to use, but I don’t know…

Oh my gosh, I DID NOT like Kendall (whom is the “leader” of Aidan and Allison’s generation). It didn’t help that some chapters were in her point of view. Wow, I just.. Hated that girl.

The boys to look for– Wow.. Okay, pretty much any boy in this book is complete swoon-worthy. They have perfect hair, beautiful eyes, sexy body, okay, PERFECT EVERYTHING! The two boys that really “caught” my eye were Aidan and Cade. So, be aware!

favorite quotes


“He looked too lost in his own thoughts to just sit back and relax with a book, even a John Green book.”


“Damn him if he thinks for one second that I’m going to continue to sneak around with him. I may have went back to get the letter out of my locker. But so what? That didn’t mean that I was going to fall right back into his no-good-lying-cheating arms.”


“Of course, I wouldn’t get sick. I probably can’t even get sick, right? I’m like a learning-disabled werewolf”.