Rating System

My ratings are based off of zebras. You’ve probably already seen my zebras (seeing as it’s everywhere in my blog), so it only seemed fitting they were my rating system as well.

As of September 6th, 2014, I’m trying out a rating report.

This basically means I will divide my rating into different sections to give a more accurate rating on the book.

The 5 categories I will be using are:

  • Characters
  • Plot
  • World Building
  • Pacing
  • Romance

These will then be calculated all together to give an overall score. Depending on the number and my feelings will determine if I go higher or lower (if it’s lower than a real number–with decimals). I do use half stars. I feel these give more of an accurate rating on a book instead of just say a 4 or 5 “zebras” stars. I TRY NOT to do DNF reviews. As of September 6th, 2014, I have always been able to finish a book. I feel that sometimes the ending can make up for the rest of the book. Or I may want to see how it ends. I don’t like not finishing books, so you may never see a DNF review on my blog. If there’s a book I’m simply just not interested in, I won’t bother picking it up. I’ve also never rated books below a 2 “zebra” star. (Same goes, if I’m not interested, I won’t pick up. I usually rate fairly high).

So what all the zebras mean exactly. My reviews will explain more in detail as to why these fit in the rating I gave.

5with all time favorite

5 zebras + all time favorite:

  • all time favorite book
  • loved every aspect
  • REALLY connected with characters
  • CAN’T stop thinking about book
  • HIGHLY recommended


5 zebras:

  • everything was spot on perfect
  • fantastic world building
  • amazing characters
  • the writing was fantastic
  • would highly recommend to everyone


4.5 zebas:

  • Something minor was missing
  • possibly had trouble connecting in the beginning
  • possibly trouble understanding world
  • would definitely recommend


4 zebras:

  • something with character or world development suffered a little in
  • not a clear understanding and easy flow with plot
  • great relationships
  • would recommend to those interested in the genre


3.5 zebras:

  • difficult time with connecting with characters
  • interesting plot/world
  • medium flow with characters and world
  • good relationships
  • would still recommend, still was a good book


3 zebras:

  • something starting to lack (plot, characters, world)
  • okay relationships
  • likable characters
  • would still recommend, just certain pool who might be interested


2.5 zebras:

  • something major is starting to lack (plot, characters, world)
  • “bleh” relationship
  • like the characters
  • didn’t connect very well
  • might recommend


2 zebras:

  • not something I’m invested in
  • major lacking in either characters, plot, world
  • having a hard time continuing with reading
  • cannot connect at all with characters
  • might not be for me, but will for some others


1.5 zebras:

  • DID NOT like main characters
  • didn’t like the plot
  • didn’t like the romance
  • “Déjà vu” feeling
  • couldn’t keep reading for long periods of time


1 zebra:

  • absolutely disliked main characters
  • didn’t like the romance
  • plot, characters, and world building severely lacked
  • won’t recommend


0.5 zebra:

  • basically a pity star
  • liked one little aspect
  • don’t use these at all or seldom
  • “why did I pick this up?”
  • everything about the book lacked

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